Gusto vs ADP

Gusto vs ADP

Payroll software makes it easier to pay and support your team. But how do you decide which software is best for your business?

Below, you can compare Gusto with Run Powered by ADP, ADP’s payroll and HR solution for small businesses. See how both platforms stack up in payroll, benefits, HR tools, customer service, and more.

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Compare pricing and features: Gusto vs ADP

Monthly feeStarting at $40/mo + $6/mo per person
No upfront pricing
Setup feeFree
Extra feesExtra fees
Unlimited payrollsCheckmark
Pay per payrollPay per payroll
Automated federal and state tax filingCheckmark
Direct depositCheckmark
File W-2sCheckmark
Extra feesExtra fees
File 1099sCheckmark
Extra feesExtra fees
Multiple pay rates and schedulesCheckmark
Multiple statesCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Extra feesExtra fees
Contractor paymentsCheckmark
E-sign I-9 and W-4Checkmark
Lifetime access for employeesCheckmark
Household employer payrollX
International payrollDollar(International contractor add-on)
Extra feesExtra fees
Health benefitsPay premiums only
Premiums + fees
Workers’ compPay premiums only
Premiums + fees
Available add-ons
  • Broker integration
  • 401(k) retirement
  • Commuter benefits
  • Life and disability
  • HSA and FSA
  • Broker integration
  • 401(k) retirement
  • Commuter benefits
  • Life and disability
  • HSA and FSA
  • HRA
HR tools
Time trackingCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Extra feesExtra fees
Team directory and org chartCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Extra feesExtra fees
Time-off requestsCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Extra feesExtra fees
Online offer lettersCheckmark
Extra feesExtra fees
Secure document vault and e-signingCheckmark
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Custom employee handbookCheckmark(Premium and HR add-on)
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Job description and policy templatesCheckmark(Premium and HR add-on)
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Proactive compliance updatesCheckmark(Premium and HR add-on)
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Certified HR prosCheckmark(Premium and HR add-on)
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Direct phone line for dedicated supportCheckmark(Premium and HR add-on)
(Run Complete & HR)(Run Complete & HR)
Custom Onboarding ChecklistCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Software ProvisioningCheckmark(Plus and Premium)
Google (G-suite) SSOCheckmark

*Competitive data on this page was collected as of June 27th, 2022 and is subject to change or update. Gusto does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page. All Gusto services listed in the payroll features comparison chart are provided by Gusto or by one of Gusto’s trusted partners.

“Gusto helps me stay on top of compliance.”

93% of surveyed customers

Save 5 hours running payroll each month

on average, compared to ADP1

Save 4 hours each month on onboarding

on average, compared to ADP1

Clipart of three people
Clipart of three people

What to consider when choosing a payroll provider?

  • How large is your team?

    Some payroll platforms are perfect for corporations or large enterprises, but overlook the needs of small and midsize businesses. Select a service that meets your needs where you currently are — and one that can grow with you down the line.

  • What’s included in pricing?

    Many platforms offer additional features, but those costs can add up quickly. Look for a payroll platform that doesn’t charge for every little change you want to make.

  • Is it easy to switch?

    Migrating your payroll data could be a daunting task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ask about this process, and more importantly, who on your payment provider’s end oversees this task.

  • How can I get help when I need it?

    Getting in touch with customer support should be simple and easy, with ample resources at your fingertips to help you get the most of your new payroll software. Ask about online, email, chat, and phone support.

Comparison details: Gusto vs ADP


Setup and monthly fees

At Gusto, it’s easy to get started and you won’t pay any fees until you run your first payroll. Monthly fees are straightforward, starting at a base fee of $40 per month, plus an additional $6 per employee per month. Learn more about our product plans and current promotions.

ADP Run often requires a setup fee, and the monthly cost fluctuates depending on features added and number of employees.

Gusto ADP
Monthly feeStarting at $40/mo. + $6/mo. per userNo upfront pricing
Set up feeFreedollar icon Extra fees


Running payroll

Gusto takes the time-consuming task of running payroll and turns it into a simple, few-click process. Our online software simplifies this complicated task, freeing up your time to focus on your team while we do the heavy lifting, no matter which state your employees live in, how they’re taxed, or what their pay rate may be. You can even set up Gusto to run payroll automatically each pay period.

ADP Run is also a cloud-based system that can be accessed anywhere. This software comes with many features for reporting and can also be set up to issue payroll automatically.

Processing payroll

You can run unlimited payrolls with Gusto at no extra cost. ADP Run charges per payroll.

Tax filings

Gusto automatically calculates and files payroll taxes every time you run payroll at no extra charge. Both W-2 forms for your employees and 1099 forms for your contractors are calculated and filed to the appropriate tax agencies right from the platform. Plus, we file end-of-year taxes. ADP Run charges extra fees to file W-2 forms and 1099 forms.

Run payroll in multiple states

We go wherever you go. Gusto can be used compliantly anywhere in the United States. Multiple locations across several states are seamlessly managed through our platform. ADP Run requires extra fees to use in more than one state.

Unlimited Payrolls$ Pay per payroll
File 1099’s$ Extra fees


Employee benefits

With more than 3,500 health insurance plans, Gusto’s licensed advisors can help you find the right coverage for your team and your budget. Once you select insurance plans for your team, you can administer all medical, dental, and vision plans through our platform for free.

There are other benefits options you can offer your team through Gusto. Our options include 401(k) programs, commuter benefits, life and disability insurance, and Gusto Cashout™, a free benefit for employees to access funds between paydays.

ADP offers workers’ compensation, retirement options via 401(k), and health and business insurance.

Signup costs

With Gusto, there are no administration fees to enroll in workers’ comp or health benefits – you’ll only pay the premiums. Also, there are no set up fees for 401(k) retirement plans. Learn more about pricing for benefits. ADP Run often charges premiums plus fees.

Health benefitsPay premiums onlyPremiums + fees
Workers’ compPay premiums onlyPremiums + fees
The Cashout Program is issued by Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC. The Sunrise Banks, N.A. Privacy Policy can be found here.

HR tools

Offer letters and onboarding

We can’t wait for your new hires to get started. That’s why our Plus and Premium plans help you to create and issue offer letters and streamline the employee onboarding process so that you can start your relationship on the right foot. ADP Run supports offer letter generation, but additional fees may apply.

sending an offer letter from Gusto dashboard
Screenshot of Gusto's software payroll feature


Employee self-service

With Gusto, your employees can self-onboard, which means sensitive information is kept strictly confidential. Moreover, our platform offers lifetime access for every employee. That means employees can access their W-2s and other important benefit information even after they leave your company, without you needing to step in. ADP Run also offers a self-enrollment system for employees to submit their own information.

Time tracking

Gusto’s Plus and Premium plans include access to time tracking tools that automatically sync your team’s hours and time-off with payroll. We also integrate with other popular time tracking tools like Homebase, TSheets, and more. ADP Run Complete & HR plans charge extra fees to track hours and requests for time off.

Time tracking(Plus and Premium)$ Extra fees
Time-off requests✔ (Plus and Premium)$ Extra fees
Online offer letters✔ (Plus and Premium)$ Extra fees

Customer service

Support team

All of Gusto’s products come with access to customer support via phone, email, and chat Monday through Friday. Our FAQ and Help Center are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADP products are supported by an online FAQ and chat, in addition to phone support.


Integration capabilities

Gusto integrates with dozens of the most popular accounting, time tracking, point of sale (POS), business operations, and expense management softwares, including FreshBooks, Expensify, Intuit QuickBooks, Homebase, and Accelo. You can see a full list here.

list of software integration logos

Run Powered By ADP also offers integrations with ERPs, accounting solutions, timesheets, recruiting, benefits, and productivity platforms, including iCIMS, Slack, Oracle, and Xero.

*Competitive data on this page was collected as of June 27th, 2022 and is subject to change or update. Gusto does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page. All Gusto services listed in the payroll features comparison chart are provided by Gusto or by one of Gusto’s trusted partners.

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