Coins Stacked

Support your team’s financial health well beyond payday.


Smart paycheck management with the Gusto Wallet app


Automatic short-term savings built right into payday

Dollar Sync

Long-term savings accounts for your team and their families

Gusto Wallet

The Gusto Wallet app puts your team in control of their money.

Now your employees can download the free Gusto Wallet app to view and manage their paychecks, save money, and build healthy spending habits.


Auto saving

Build a rainy day fund or set up specific savings goals.

Debit Card

Smart spending

A debit card and checking account that earns interest.

Money Balance

Better budgets

Tools and insights to manage monthly spending.


Paychecks & W-2s

Simple breakdowns of every paycheck and access to W-2s.

See Gusto Wallet

Gusto Wallet on cellphone
Gusto Wallet on cellphone
My employees love the product and use it to save for the bad times. Luckily, no one has had to use their savings goals money yet, but they love the peace of mind.
CEO, Use all Five
Long-term savings

Offer your team even more ways to save and plan.

Planning for the future is important. That’s why we provide options and guidance to help your team plan and save with confidence.

Dollar Sync

401(k) retirement savings

Help your team prepare for the future with simple, low-cost, low-fee retirement savings.

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Flower Heart

Life & disability insurance

Life, short-term, and long-term disability insurance.

Dad and daughter
Dad and daughter

Take care of both their health
and their wealth.

Taking care of your team means contributing to both their health
and their financial futures. Check out other benefits available in Gusto.

Employee Cash Accounts

Make their paychecks work harder for them.

Gusto Cash Accounts earn 16X1  the average interest rate of other checking accounts. And we make it easy to save automatically. No account minimums. No account fees. No overdraft fees.2

Earn 1.00% APY1
Savings built into every paycheck
Automatic direct deposits

Compliance help


We provide tools to assist with compliance and help you file the right paperwork.

Licensed advisors


Our licensed advisors can help you pick the right benefits package for your budget.

Friendly support


Your employees can reach out to us directly with questions, saving you time.

The people platform

Manage your growing
team, all in one place.

Behind every successful business is a thriving team. Hire, pay, insure, and
support your employees with Gusto’s all-in-one people platform.
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Prices start at just $46/month

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working with Gusto