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Advising clients is easy with Gusto’s modern dashboard.

Gusto Pro is your unique accountant dashboard, helping you track and manage all of your clients in one place. Work faster and provide more valuable insights with quick access to payroll, financial data, People Analytics, and more.

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Give personalized, strategic advice.

The Action Items on Gusto Pro offer proactive ways to help your clients.

  • Unblock payrolls.

    Get notified when clients have upcoming blocked payrolls, and reach out to them directly.

  • Get time-sensitive alerts.

    We’ll alert you when clients are laying off employees, and provide you with strategic resources to help them stay afloat.

  • Make onboarding simple.

    We’ll highlight clients with incomplete onboarding so you can ensure their first payday is on time.

  • Give personalized guidance.

    Help your clients succeed with our resources on regulatory changes, maintaining revenue, and more.

Make time for conversations that matter.

It’s about more than Gusto accounting software. It’s about making workflow improvements that free up space for people-focused advising.

  • Plan ahead.

    A comprehensive list of upcoming payroll deadlines helps you stay organized and keep your clients on track.

  • Spot issues quickly.

    See which of your clients need urgent attention in your list of recently missed payrolls.

  • Get data at a glance.

    Use People Analytics to monitor and advise on your clients’ team growth, retention, payroll costs, and more.

  • Work anytime, anywhere.

    Our cloud-based technology means you can serve clients from the office, from home, or anywhere in between.

Enhance your People Advisory skill set with expert analytics.

People Analytics offers the data and trends you need to jumpstart meaningful advisory conversations.

  • People metrics

    See team growth and retention insights across all your clients, at a glance.

  • Financial and payroll metrics

    Combine financial trends with payroll data to discover new insights about revenue, expenses, and profit per employee.

  • Compensation benchmarking

    Make market-based compensation recommendations for clients’ growing teams.

So much more than a dashboard.

With Gusto’s partner program, you get access to powerful data, tools, and training to help you provide your clients with financial expertise, People Advisory services, and more.

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