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Customer reviews

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“Onboarding and communication with employees is amazing with Gusto, especially at year-end.”

Don Miller, Founder

JADR Consulting, LLC (Slyvania, OH)

2 employees

Computer Software


“Gusto helps streamline new employee onboarding and provides a simple-to-use platform for managing payroll/benefits.”

Gavin Johnson, Partner

inVigor Law Group (Seattle, WA)

9 employees

Professional Services


With Gusto, I think of payroll as a 30-second job now rather than 30 minutes and scary. The website is so friendly and a joy to use.

Pankaj Garg, Business Owner

Integrative Pain Clinic, LLC (West Chester, PA)

3 employees

Health Care


My favorite thing about Gusto is the fact that it takes a lot of tedious and time consuming payroll work off my plate and allows me to focus on my business.

Ian Reid, Owner

Distant Moon, Inc. (Hamilton, VA)

2 employees

Media & Entertainment


By using Gusto to manage benefits, there is less paperwork and I know we are always in compliance.

Jessica Higbee, Operations Manager

April Lane Services (Plymouth, IN)



Using Gusto as our broker is so much easier than a separate broker; I love the integrated insurance portal for employees and synced payroll deductions. Gusto eliminates the friction of having benefits externally and keeps them in sync with payroll.

Caroline Devoy, Accountant

Biz Hippo (Texas)

Financial Services


I love having a Concierge team I can call on if I have any questions. I also totally enjoy having the ability to have Human Resource questions answered or researched quickly.

Regina Massey, Chief Operations Officer

Perioperative Services of Mississippi (Jackson, MS)

17 employees

Health Care


The support team at Gusto is so helpful. We rely on them constantly. Whenever something comes up, I reach out and literally 24 hours later they tell us what to do or assure us that they’ve already handled it for us.

Amneet Bhurji, Finance Manager

Student Loan Hero (20+ states)

58 employees

Financial Education

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