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With Gusto, we are nearly 100% paperless with employee records. Onboarding takes 10 minutes.

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  • Simple time tracking

    Hourly employees clock time right in Gusto. You just approve and sync to payroll. Simple.

  • Time-off requests

    Manage time off requests right in Gusto to sync it with payroll and your calendar.

  • Org chart

    Create a visual of your team, departments, and reporting structure.

  • Employee handbook builder

    Access templates and guides designed by professionals in a comprehensive HR resource center.

  • Anonymous employee surveys

    Keep a pulse on how your team is feeling and get actionable feedback each month.

  • HR advice on-demand

    Get your important HR questions answered by certified HR pros.

  • Compliance

    Gusto automatically files your new hire paperwork with the state and helps with federal W-4s and I-9s.

  • Workers’ comp insurance

    With integrated workers’ comp, you'll pay only what you owe each payroll.

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