Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What services does Gusto provide?

We provide payroll, benefits, HR, and workers’ comp insurance for small businesses in the United States.

Does Gusto support my state?

Payroll, 401(k), and workers’ comp insurance is offered nationwide.

Benefits are available in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington, with more states coming soon.

My company uses Gusto. How do I see my pay stubs?

If you have an employee account, you can sign into Gusto to view your pay stubs. If you don’t have an account yet, ask your payroll admin to add your email address to Gusto.

Still having trouble? Help me access my Gusto account.

What should I expect when setting up payroll?

Setting up payroll with Gusto is easy! Read this walkthrough of our setup experience.

Want more? Watch a demo video showing how to run payroll with Gusto.

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How does pricing work and what’s included?

Our monthly price is simple and transparent at $39 per month plus $6 per person. This includes unlimited payroll runs, year-end W-2s and 1099s, direct deposit, new hire reporting, and more.

You won’t be charged for contractors unless you pay them in any given month. You will, however, be charged the monthly fee for all active employees, even if you don’t pay them.

Everything is included for no extra charge. No hidden fees, surprises or other corporate trickery. You can calculate your monthly price here .

Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope, no contract. You are free to suspend your account at any time. After you suspend, we will pay and file any outstanding payroll taxes and also generate year-end W-2s and 1099s for your employees.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! You can sign up for an account using the links below:

Businesses: Sign up here
Accountants & bookkeepers: Sign up here

Is there an additional cost if I have employees in multiple states?

There is no additional cost for employees in multiple states. You pay one monthly price that includes everything we offer. There are no extra charges for anything.

How does the 1-month free trial work?

No payment information is needed to sign up for Gusto. Your first month is free with unlimited payroll runs, including off-cycle and bonus payrolls. Once your 1-month trial has passed, we will automatically debit your company bank account each month so there's no need for invoicing. After your free trial, pricing starts at just $45/month.


Benefits & Worker's Comp

How does Gusto handle benefits like medical insurance or 401(k)?

You can easily add company-wide or employee-specific benefits in Gusto like medical insurance, commuter benefits, and 401(k) contributions. We take care of making all the necessary employee and employer deductions and tax calculations.

Does Gusto offer workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes! We’ll help you set up a workers’ compensation insurance plan that works best for you.

Can I manage paid time off, vacation, and sick time in Gusto?

Yes! With Gusto you can manage paid time off, vacation and sick days. The beauty of our solution is that every time you run payroll, you can see the accruals for employees. You'll never have to guess or jump through hoops to find out.

Does Gusto offer 401(k) retirement plans?

Yes! We offer 401(k) plans with the lowest fees in the industry, including no management or advisor fees.

Time Tracking & Integrations

Does Gusto have time clocks I can use in my office?

We do not provide time clocks you can use in the office. However, we have seamless integrations with time and attendance partners so you never need to manually enter hours into payroll again.

See our list of partners

Does Gusto integrate with my existing accounting software?

We seamlessly integrate with accounting software partners like Xero, FreshBooks, Intuit QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Running Payroll

How long does it take to run payroll?

Less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee! You can run payroll in under 10 minutes – one customer even timed it to 36 seconds. If you can beat that, we’ll send you a free Gusto t-shirt.

Plus, if all of your employees are salaried and on direct deposit, you can turn on the Payroll on AutoPilot™ to run payroll automatically. That’s payroll in zero seconds!

What information do I need to set up my company for payroll?

We've made setting up your company for payroll quick and easy. See the kinds of information you'll need to get started here.

Can I run payroll from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Gusto is accessible from any web-enabled device, so you can manage everything on-the-go. Some of our customers have even run payroll from the ski slopes and the beach.

Do I need to download an app to run payroll?

No, you don’t need to download anything to use Gusto. You can access payroll online at any time through your web browser. This includes computers, tablets and smartphones. Easily run payroll while you’re on vacation!

Employees & Contractors

How will my employees get their pay stubs?

On the day your employees are paid, we’ll send them a delightful, informative email with a link to their paystubs. Employees have 24/7 lifetime access to their Gusto account where they can browse their previous pay stubs, update their personal details, download tax forms, and get interesting statistics about their pay.

Can I pay independent contractors with Gusto?

Yep! We support contractor payments nationwide and file 1099s automatically, all at no extra charge.

How does Gusto handle garnishments and levies?

We enable employers to comply with federal, state and local laws around garnishments and levies. Your payroll admin can easily input and track garnishments and levies.

How do I add new employees to Gusto? Can they enter their own information?

You can easily add new employees to your company, but Gusto also offers employee self-onboarding, so you simply invite your employees by email to fill out their own personal information online. It’s a streamlined, secure way for employees to enter their bank account details, deductions and withholdings, Social Security number and personal details.

Can my employees get paid through direct deposit?

Yes. Getting paid automatically is a great employee experience and it means you don’t have to print checks.

Tax payments & filings

Which federal forms are filed on my company’s behalf?

We file all federal forms on behalf of your company using e-file, e-sign, and e-fax technologies, so everything is automated and paperless.

  • Form W-2
    A statement of an employee's annual wages and compensation, as well as any amount withheld for taxes.
  • Form 1099
    Contractors and freelancers are obligated to calculate their own taxes and forward those payments to the IRS. Form 1099 reports what you have paid to them.
  • Form 940
    This reports all payments under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).
  • Form 941
    A quarterly statement to report any withheld taxes from an employee's paychecks and/or to report payment of the employer's portion of Social Security or Medicare tax.

Which state and local forms are filed on my company’s behalf?

We file all state and local forms on behalf of your company. Every state and local municipality has different payroll-related tax and filing regulations. We’ve tailored Gusto to state-specific compliance requirements, so you can experience a product that has been customized to your needs.

If you’re curious about specific requirements for your state, check out the individual state pages in our Help Center.

We use e-sign, e-file, and e-fax technologies, so everything is automated and paperless.

Does Gusto file W-2 and 1099 forms?

Yes, we file W-2s and 1099s on your behalf. Every employee and independent contractor will receive an electronic version of their forms as well.

Security & Support

How secure is my data on Gusto?

As secure as a world class bank. Data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit using 256-bit SSL encryption. We employ state-of-the-art firewall and backup technology, and our data resides in high-security access-controlled data centers.

See our security measures

Do you support two-step authentication?

Yes, we support two-step (sometimes called two-factor) authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account. Once activated, we’ll send a code to your phone that you’ll need to verify when you login.

See our security measures

What are the hours for customer support and will I find a live person to speak with?

Our payroll, benefits and compliance experts are happy to help and are a phone call, chat, or email away. They are available to speak with you from sunny Denver or foggy San Francisco, Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm Pacific.

If you ever need to reach our support team, call us at (800) 936-0383 or email

Partner program

Do I need to set up my clients individually? Can my clients complete setup?

Gusto is flexible. You can either complete the setup steps on behalf of your client, or invite your client to collaborate on their account and complete the setup steps directly. You’ll want to add clients directly from your partner dashboard to be eligible for the partner program.

Do you offer direct billing?

If you’re bundling payroll as part of your package of services, we offer direct billing so your clients never need to see the Gusto bill. You’ll receive one monthly invoice for all of your clients.

However, if you want to pass the reseller discount on to your clients, that’s fine too. They will be billed directly through Gusto at the end of each month.

Does Gusto offer a partner program for accountants and bookkeepers?

We do! You’ll get a free dashboard to manage all of your clients, direct billing so your clients never see a Gusto bill, and a pricing discount up to 20%.

Contact our sales team for more information on the reseller partner program.

Can I view all my clients under one dashboard?

Yes, you can manage all of your clients from a free, centralized dashboard. You’ll see all remaining setup steps for clients, important dates, and get notified when it’s time to run payroll.