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Banking partner

  • Capital One® Spark Business®

    Capital One Spark Business provides banking solutions designed specifically for small business. Put your money to work with no transaction limits, monthly fees or minimum balances with Spark Business Checking℠, and 1.00% APY with no monthly fees with Spark Business Savings℠.

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Accounting software

  • Freshbooks

    FreshBooks automatically syncs with Gusto so there's no need to manually record payroll entries.

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  • Xero

    Gusto integrates seamlessly with Xero, a cloud-based accounting app for small businesses.

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  • QuickBooks Online

    Gusto works with Quickbooks Online, Intuit's web-based small business accounting and finance platform.

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  • QuickBooks

    Intuit's popular accounting software, Quickbooks, works seamlessly with Gusto.

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Time tracking software

  • TSheets

    The popular employee time tracker syncs directly with Gusto.

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  • When I Work

    The easiest way to schedule, communicate & manage attendance with your hourly employees.

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  • Deputy

    Deputy automatically imports employee records from Gusto and syncs approved hours every pay period.

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  • Nimble Schedule

    Nimble Schedule can send employee hours to Gusto every pay period.

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  • Boomr Mobile Time Tracking

    Innovative companies use Boomr to manage employee time. Employees are automatically imported and hours are synced to Gusto every pay period.

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  • Time Tracker

    Track your employees time and sync timesheets with Gusto in just a few clicks.

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Expense management software

  • Receipt Bank

    Receipt Bank sends approved employee reimbursements to Gusto, so you can issue payments through payroll.

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HR software

  • BambooHR

    BambooHR syncs employee data with Gusto to streamline onboarding and record management.

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  • Kin

    Kin syncs employee data with Gusto to ensure records are up-to-date and accurate.

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Gusto seamlessly integrates online payroll with leading accounting and HR software. Interested in integrating with Gusto?

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