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R&D tax credit software

Unlock R&D tax credits for your business.

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You could save thousands with the Research and Development tax credit. Get the tax savings you’re owed with Gusto.

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  • Our team has helped qualified businesses save an average of $50k

  • Work with a platform you trust with deep R&D tax credit expertise

  • We've helped businesses uncover $150,000,000 in tax credits

R&D Tax Credit Software

What’s the Research and Development tax credit?

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit is a tax incentive for companies that prioritize innovation. Any activity that is technological in nature and improves what you make or how you make it may qualify, which means businesses across many industries, including tech startups, sciences, consulting, manufacturing, and construction can benefit. Here’s a four-part test to see if your business is eligible.

Get the credit you deserve.

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In-depth analysis, lightning fast

Gusto’s proprietary R&D tax credit software scans thousands of transactions to unlock credits and complete your study quickly.

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Extensive expertise and support

Our CPAs have extensive backgrounds in R&D tax credits. They provide meticulous documentation and up to 10 hours of audit assistance.

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All-in-one with payroll for ease

We utilize the company info you’ve already provided to make the R&D tax credit process lower-lift for busy business owners. Plus, you can apply credits against your payroll tax directly in Gusto if you qualify.

From software to breweries, many companies qualify

How Gusto helped Heckler Design claim $380,000 in qualified expenses.

This hardworking hardware company used Gusto’s R&D tax credit software to unlock game-changing savings they weren’t expecting. Here’s how they used it to keep business healthy during the pandemic.

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Peace of mind with a partner you trust.

If you’re already using Gusto’s all-in-one payroll platform, claiming the R&D tax credit couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

Add Employee ST3

See if you qualify

Not sure if your business is eligible? We’ll help you figure out if and how much of the credit you can claim.

Flexed Arm

We’ll do the legwork

Our team will identify your qualified R&D expenses and use info we have on hand to make it even easier for you.

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File tax forms with the IRS

We prepare the paperwork to claim the R&D credit. You file it with the IRS, together with annual income tax forms.

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After the IRS processes your claim, you can use the tax credit proceeds to reinvest in your business.

Using your R&D tax credits

You have three options for using your R&D tax credits:

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Offset your payroll taxes

Qualified small businesses can offset payroll taxes for up to five years directly in Gusto through real-time or quarterly redemption. Real-time redemption is free if you use Gusto for R&D tax credit services and $100/mo if you filed for R&D tax credits through a third party.

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Offset your income taxes

After five years, you can instead apply the credit to offset your income taxes.

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Carry forward

If you don’t have income taxes to use the credit against, you can carry back the credit for up to one year and carry forward the credits for up to 20 years.

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Unlock your R&D tax credit with Gusto.