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Do you run payroll for your clients?

The perks of becoming a Gusto Partner.

Simple, modern payroll. Recommended by top accountants. Exclusive rewards.

Bonuses and discounts

Enjoy a $100 referral bonus for each new customer you send our way, or receive a price discount when you add 5+ clients.

Free payroll for life

You’ll never pay for payroll when you onboard or refer five new clients a year.

Personal expert

Your personal Gusto expert makes sure you and your clients are taken care of.

Accountant dashboard

Never deal with multiple accounts again. Manage all your clients with one convenient dashboard.

Recommended by top accountants.

Doug Sleeter

"We chose Gusto to manage our own payroll and are thrilled about the integrations they provide."

Doug Sleeter, Founder & President, The Sleeter Group

Nicole Ling

“My clients save 10+ hours per month using Gusto with Bench. It's rewarding to free up their valuable time so they can focus on growing their businesses.”

Nicole Ling, Bookkeeper, Bench

Bruce Phillips

“This is going to change the way accounting is done and the way clients and accountants interact”

Bruce Phillips, Managing Director, HPC

What makes Gusto different?

Simple, modern payroll, benefits and compliance in one centralized dashboard, made specially for business advisers like you.

Stronger client relationships

Impress your clients with great software and service. Then, add compliance and benefits to become a bigger part of your clients’ success.

Full-service migration

Making the switch to Gusto is easy. We will migrate your existing client data for you.

Ensure compliance

Your clients’ taxes will be filed accurately and on time, guaranteed. Plus, Gusto includes a compliance checklist, and we offer workers’ comp.

Employee self-onboarding

No more time-consuming manual data entry. Your clients’ employees can onboard and update personal information on their own.

Free client support

Your dedicated customer care advocate can help your clients at every step.

Lifetime accounts

Employees can access all of their information online, even after they leave their employer.

Keep in sync

Because payroll, benefits and compliance are all one product, you don't have to update data in multiple places.

Automated tax filings

You don't have to handle client payroll taxes, 1099s or W-2s. We handle everything.

Payroll in 60 seconds

Run payroll at anytime, from anywhere. Even from your phone.

Here’s how our product works.


Start with Payroll

Payroll is managed entirely online via a simple, modern web interface. It’s also automated: payroll taxes and forms are taken care of for you.


Add Workers’ Comp

Help your clients protect their team and business. Gusto’s compliance checklist outlines all the steps needed to get workers’ comp and more.


Add Health Benefits

Your clients can work with our licensed experts to quickly set up health insurance that’s right for them. (Available in California & Texas, coming to more states soon.)

Seamless payroll integrations.

Integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks and more. Seamlessly sync payroll data to your chart of accounts. That means no more manual data entry for time tracking, expense management, HR or benefits.


Simple, transparent pricing.


Gusto Base Price


Per Employee

1-4 clients

30 days

5-24 clients

10% discount

25-49 clients

15% discount

50+ clients

20% discount

  • Lowest base price, plus bulk discounts or referral bonuses when you add clients
  • Get 30 days free for each client you add to Gusto
  • Time is money, save valuable hours each week
  • No hidden fees, add-ons or extra charges

Try Gusto free for 30 days.