Manufacturing payroll software for the modern workforce.

Gusto gives you all the tools you need to make your employees happy, healthy, and productive—all on one easy-to-use platform. We’re a trusted partner to thousands of businesses, providing dedicated support and scalable solutions, for one, low price. See all the ways Gusto can help you work smarter.

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Set your people up for success.

Our manufacturing payroll software is designed to make life easier. Automate time-consuming HR tasks, so you can focus on getting the job done.

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You’ve got their backs, we’ve got yours.

Gusto’s HR solutions are designed so that your back office can practically run itself. But just in case, our best-in-class support team is standing by via phone, text, or email.

HROS Hiring And Onboarding

We’ll scale with you.

When you’re ready to grow your team, Gusto easily adapts to the larger volume. You can onboard, pay, and insure more employees without changing up your whole system.

All in one

All your payroll solutions, in one place.

Gusto helps manufacturing companies manage the entire employee lifecycle: from hiring to retirement, and everything in between. Native solutions and integrations with your favorite tools ensure that all your HR data is synced, keeping you organized, avoiding costly compliance issues, and providing a single, conflict-free source of company knowledge accessible to all. Having our system so streamlined is how we can keep our prices lower than the industry average.

Dedicated support

Your HR team just got a whole lot bigger.

If you ever hit a snag, or just have some burning questions for us, our dedicated support team will be happy to hear from you. They have tons of knowledge about everything payroll, including how to stay compliant in all 50 states, how to choose a benefits package that’s right for you, and much more. Plus, don’t forget you can check out our online resources like the Help Center, Talk Shop Blog, and How-To Guides.

Time Clock Kiosk

Simplify attendance with our Time Clock Kiosk app.

Managing your employees’ time takes too much, well, time. Turn back the factory clock with Gusto’s reliable, compliance-forward solution for tracking employee hours. The Time Clock Kiosk turns any connected device into a centralized station for clock-in/out, while PIN-operated sign-in eliminates buddy punching and time theft. Admins can access detailed reporting to easily manage labor costs. Plus, working hours are automatically synced to payroll.

Flexible growth

For the business you are, and the business you’ll become.

Gusto’s intuitive cloud-based software provides HR, payroll services, and benefits to manufacturing industry businesses of any size, whether you run a factory with 100 employees, or it’s just you. As you grow, we can help you with real-time applicant tracking, performance management, onboarding new hires, employee retention, controlling labor costs, and more. Learn more about talent management with Gusto.

Clear pricing

Big advantages, one small price

Nobody likes hidden fees, and that includes us. That’s why we use a clear pricing model to ensure you know what’s on your bill before you get it. You’ll enjoy unlimited payrolls, tax filing, pay stubs, and all your other payroll and HR tasks for a flat monthly fee of $40, plus $6 per month for each user. Our expert support team, help guides, and many more HR features are always included. Find out more about our clear pricing plans here.

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