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Product Overview

Everything you need to know about Gusto in 1 minute.

Why Choose Gusto

Payroll and benefits designed for modern businesses.

Made for regular people

Gusto guides you through setup and running payroll in plain English. It's designed to help you spend as little time on payroll and benefits as possible.

We do the heavy lifting

Gusto handles all local, state, and federal payroll tax filings for you. Plus, we automate benefits deductions and workers’ comp payments.

Everything in one place

Payroll, benefits and workers’ comp depend on each other. When you make a change to employee information, it’s reflected instantly across all three.

Here's How Gusto Payroll, Health Benefits and Workers’ Comp works

We work with your financial software.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

One pricing plan for payroll and benefits.

Gusto’s all-inclusive pricing is simple and transparent. Everything's included: W-2s, 1099s, time off tracking, off-cycle payrolls, unlimited support and more. No setup fees, contracts or fine print.

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