Easily pay contractors, wherever they work.

Outsourcing projects? Gusto simplifies the process of onboarding, paying, and managing contractors with everything in one place.

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Let us do the juggling.

Paying both contractors and employees can be overwhelming. Luckily, Gusto’s all-in-one platform keeps track of all payments and lets you manage both from one place.

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Low, transparent pricing.

Get unlimited payments, tax filing, and more for a per-person fee or opt into the Contractor Only plan. Either way, you only pay for the months your contractors are paid.

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Level up with Gusto.

Gusto is designed for the business you are now and the business you’re sure to become. As you expand, you can add employees, upgrade your benefits, and more.

Gusto saves me time with fewer errors.
Kandy Dicken, Owner, Strong Thinkers Inc.
Gusto is one of the most helpful tools we use. It takes the time-consuming and confusing aspects of running a business and makes them fast and easy to understand.
Brand Manager, Small Business Retail Company
95% of small businesses said that Gusto serves businesses with remote workers well.1
90% of small businesses said switching to and setting up Gusto was easy.2
Automated payroll and taxes

Outsource your projects with ease.

Gusto lets contractors self-onboard online so they can get to work quickly. And they’ll appreciate getting our automatic payday emails and 1099-NEC forms where required. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing that your tax forms are automated, as well as all the calculations involved. So you don’t have to worry about forgotten signatures, missing forms, or a misplaced zero.

Transparent pricing

Get what you pay for, and more.

Every Gusto plan includes contractor payments for the same per-person fee as your employees. You get perks like unlimited payments, direct deposit, tax filing, and pay stubs with no extra fees to set up or file 1099s. We even have a Contractor Only plan for businesses without W-2 employees. Plus we don’t charge you contractors in months you don’t pay them.

Flexible growth

Scale your business without the growing pains.

Success is all about adapting to change. As you succeed and your team expands, Gusto adjusts to your needs. You can onboard and pay more contractors and full-time employees, and add benefits like health insurance. Oh, and those additional paychecks, tax forms, and new hire reports are all automated, so it can be a smooth ride to the top.

Dedicated support

We’re here to help.

Gusto’s support team is dedicated to helping your business succeed. They’re reachable by phone, chat, or email to resolve issues and get you back on track. Plus, Gusto provides online resources like our Help Center, Talk Shop Blog, and How-To Guides.


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