Invest in your team’s future with low-cost 401(k) plans.

Get your team saving for tomorrow with budget-friendly plans today. Already have a 401(k) provider? Sync your current plan directly to Gusto. Now available for select providers.

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Automatic payroll deductions

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Flexible plans

Any type of plan for any type of budget.

Gusto’s growing list of 401(k) partners means plenty of plans to choose from. Our preferred provider, Guideline, offers low fees and big value.

Automatic deductions

Gusto payroll syncs with your 401(k) provider.

Which means less manual work for you: contribution deductions every pay period, employee data is seamlessly synced, and in most cases, fund transfers to your 401(k) provider with no extra work for you.

Easy access

Employees manage their own accounts.

Your team can access their paystubs, W-2s, 401(k) accounts and contribution details — all from their Gusto account.


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Why offer a 401(k)?

Great benefits help you build a great team.

Your team is essential to your success — help them build a strong financial foundation for the future.

Did you know?

Nearly 70 million Americans don’t have a retirement savings plan at work, but workers are 15 times more likely to save when their employers offer one.

Source: National Conference of State Legislators

Add your existing plan, or choose a new provider.

It’s easy to move an eligible 401(k) plan right into Gusto. Our growing list of 401(k) partners means more choices for you and easier access for your employees. If you already use Gusto, feel free to log in and compare plans.

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