Time clock software for the modern business.

Time clock tools are an important part of your business, and they’re most effective when integrated with payroll, HR, benefits, and more. That’s why we designed Gusto to be an all-in-one platform. By connecting, streamlining, and automating your business solutions, every part of your business works better.

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Key Ginger

One password for everything.

Time tracking, pay stubs, and time-off requests are just a click away. Employees can manage their own accounts, and everything is saved for easy future reference.

Two Gears Guava

Automate your tasks away.

Tracked hours are logged for quick access, and we automatically remind employees to enter hours and let managers know they’re ready for review.

Calculator Guava

Ditch the calculator.

We automatically calculate overtime, store wage records, and more to help you achieve compliance zen. Approved hours lock to avoid last-minute changes and confusion.


of businesses would recommend Gusto to another growing business.


of businesses say Gusto gives them more time to run their business than before.


of customers feel Gusto helps them stay on top of compliance and changing tax requirements.

Account dashboard

Manage it all from one place.

All of Gusto’s time clock services are accessible through the account dashboard, either on the site or the mobile app. No need to wonder where that timesheet went — with Gusto, your team knows their data is stored securely in one place. They have the option of clocking in and out in real time, or editing their hours later. Once hours are approved, timesheet history is automatically saved — complete with easy-to-reference overtime rates.

Automated tasks

Delegate. Automate. Celebrate!

You have plenty of work to do already without having to chase down errors. With Gusto, employees receive automatic reminders before their reports are due, managers can be in charge of approving their team’s hours before you submit to payroll, and you get a detailed cost report of employees’ wages, taxes and more. Plus, everything is stored in one easy-to-access location. That way, you and your employees are always on the same page.

Compliance support

Don’t sweat compliance details.

Staying organized gets harder as your business evolves, which can make you vulnerable to fines and lawsuits. Our smart software calculates your team’s overtime, wage garnishments, PTO, and more, so you don’t have to worry about misplaced forms or faulty calculations. As data comes in, we automatically check that everything’s square with local laws and regulations. If we find anything fishy, you’ll be notified before it becomes a problem.


Gusto covers all your business needs.

It’s no mistake we talk about ease a lot. After all, it doesn’t get much easier than syncing everyone’s hours to payroll with a single click. As though that weren’t streamlined enough, Gusto’s platform integrates payroll, HR, and benefits, allowing your backend to run smoother than ever so that you can focus on the parts of your business that you’re passionate about.

Time off

Time off shouldn’t be stressful.

Sometimes, managing your employees’ time off can make you need some time off yourself. Gusto makes it easier. You can customize your PTO policies to fit your team’s needs, then run reports with a click of a button. Employees can easily submit vacation and sick days for approval, or managers can submit time off on their behalf. It all syncs to calendars and payroll automatically, and you can track changes at a glance.

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