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Contractors keep your business flexible, but come tax time, they can feel like a drag. With Gusto, you can file 1099-NECs online without lifting a finger. Save time and money—and make tax time a breeze—with Gusto’s integrated contractor payments and automated 1099 e-file service.

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Worry-free contractor payments

Paying your contractors is as easy as pushing a button. Whether domestic or international, by check or direct deposit, Gusto keeps your payroll all in one place. 

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No muss, no fuss 1099-NECs

Gusto provides electronic 1099s to all your domestic contractors, and we’ll e-file 1099-NEC forms to federal and state agencies at the end of the year—at no extra cost.

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Tax time has never been easier

With Gusto’s automated 1099 online filing, you can rest easy knowing your contractors have what they need while your business stays compliant.  

90% of Gusto businesses find it easy to manage and pay contractors domestically and internationally

– Techvalidate survey, 2022

“I appreciate being able to have the contractors fill out their own paperwork and that Gusto handles all tax and tax reporting.”

– Miranda Johns, CEO of Hope in Healing LLC

83% of our businesses feel Gusto helps them stay on top of compliance and changing tax requirements.

– Techvalidate survey, 2022

Contractor self-onboarding

Grow your business without growing your admin.

With self-onboarding, Gusto makes it easier than ever to hire, pay, and manage your contractors. Invite new freelancers to create an account, upload their own W-9 and bank account information, and opt-in to electronic 1099 delivery. Your contractors will love knowing where to find all their info come tax time, and you can rest easy knowing Gusto will handle the hard stuff.


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Compliance made simple

Stay on top of changing tax requirements.

With state and federal tax requirements changing every year, staying compliant can get complex. Gusto’s 1099 e-file service takes the guesswork out of tax time. We’ll make sure your contractors get their 1099s on time, and that state and federal agencies have everything they need—all at no extra cost to you. 

Effortless e-filing

Hands-free e-filing for the win.

Tax time is busy enough as it is. Paying your contractors with Gusto means one less thing on your plate. We’ll e-file your 1099s with federal and state agencies, and we’ll send electronic 1099s to any contractors who’ve opted-in to paperless delivery. Need to send paper copies? We can help with that too. 

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