Average Salary in
Seattle, WA

The median salary in Seattle, WA is $63,702, with 80% of salaries falling between $38,250 and $150,000. In Seattle, WA average wages are trending up. The average salary across all industries increased 3.7% over the last year.

Which industries have the highest and lowest salaries in Seattle, WA?

In Seattle, WA workers in the Technology industry have the highest median salary at $113,556. The industry with the lowest median salary is Personal Services. Workers in the Personal Services industry have a median salary of $52,000. Many factors can affect salary including occupation, experience, education, and industry.

Industry10th Percentile SalaryMedian SalaryAverage Salary90th Percentile SalarySalary Trend (%)
Professional Services$42,000$76,000$90,476$160,0006.7
Finance & Insurance$39,949$74,800$94,081$180,0000.2
Goods-Producing/ Logistics$39,520$62,400$74,993$127,6154.7
Education & Non-Profits$37,440$62,146$73,073$122,3396.2
Food & Beverage$38,936$54,080$63,489$96,5168.1
Personal Services$33,654$52,000$63,635$110,0004.2

Average Bonus in Seattle, WA

The typical annual bonus for a worker in Seattle, WA last year was $618. Bonuses have a wide range across the income distribution. Higher paid workers also typically bring home larger bonuses. For example, workers making more than $150,000 annually in Seattle, WA receive an average bonus of $3,275 and workers making less than $38,250 receive an average bonus of $134.

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