The Remote Work Transformation

Remote and hybrid work are changing the world of work. Forty-eight percent of workers declined their last job offer because of flexibility. And, remote work has opened job opportunities across the country. Here, Gusto tracks remote and hybrid work, and breaks down the data by industry, age, gender, and geography.

Remote Work Trends

Trends in remote and hybrid work have accelerated, with businesses managing a workforce that crosses state lines – or crosses the country. The share of remote workers has more than doubled since 2020. This dashboard tracks trends in the share of employees working remotely across industry, state, city,  gender, and age.

Remote Work Across States and Cities

Every state has seen a 10% or greater increase in the share of remote workers, and work opportunities have spread to the interior of the country as a result.  Look here to see where remote work is concentrated across states and cities.

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