Average Salary in Los Angeles, CA

The median salary in Los Angeles, CA is $60,000, with 80% of salaries falling between $34,364 and $153,403. In Los Angeles, CA average wages are trending up. The average salary across all industries increased 4.2% over the last year.

Which industries have the highest and lowest salaries in Los Angeles, CA?

In Los Angeles, CA workers in the Technology industry have the highest median salary at $104,106. The industry with the lowest median salary is Food & Beverage. Workers in the Food & Beverage industry have a median salary of $45,760. Many factors can affect salary including occupation, experience, education, and industry.

Industry10th Percentile SalaryMedian SalaryAverage Salary90th Percentile SalarySalary Trend (%)
Finance & Insurance$33,890$70,000$90,953$180,0005.1
Professional Services$36,526$70,000$84,915$157,2585.1
Education & Non-Profits$33,280$61,830$75,958$142,9634.2
Goods-Producing/ Logistics$33,558$54,581$69,696$128,3886.1
Personal Services$33,280$54,080$70,628$132,6224.3
Food & Beverage$33,361$45,760$54,772$88,4805.0

Average Bonus in Los Angeles, CA

The typical annual bonus for a worker in Los Angeles, CA last year was $615. Bonuses have a wide range across the income distribution. Higher paid workers also typically bring home larger bonuses. For example, workers making more than $153,403 annually in Los Angeles, CA receive an average bonus of $4,356 and workers making less than $34,364 receive an average bonus of $252.

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