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58 employees, 13 contractors
Financial education
We’re really happy with Gusto, because it is reliable, easy-to-use, and is constantly improving so it keeps growing with us. Read Student Loan Hero's story
13 employees, 3 contractors
Marketing agency
Because of Gusto, I can actually provide health benefits to my employees. As a business owner that makes me very proud. Read Reach story
20 employees
Personal finance
I used to spend 5-10% of my time doing payroll and HR. Now I do both in minutes with Gusto Read's story
26 employees
Software Company
Using Gusto to streamline our HR operations allows us to focus more on growing our business. Read iMedicare's story
61 employees
Gusto allowed me to find the best quality package for my team at a price I could afford. Read Kids Atelier's story
11 employees
Creative Agency
I love that I don't have to think about payroll very much. Gusto just takes care of everything for me. Read Octopus Creative's Story
18 employees
Having the luxury of everything in one place makes managing all information so much easier, and I can run payroll 10 times faster! Read Housegreenings' story
4 employees
Food industry
I’m so glad that I found Gusto. I used to spend 8-10 hours every month on payroll — now I only spend two. Read Greenlid's story
32 employees
Food Industry
I’ve been through three point of sales systems and three scheduling systems, but Gusto has always been a constant. Read Tinpot Creamery's story
1 employee
It took me 1½ hours each time I ran payroll. With Gusto, payroll takes less than 5 minutes. Read Nicole Chan's story
2 employees
Law Firm
We recommend Gusto to every single one of our clients who are new businesses. Read Elevate's story
23 employees
Auto Industry
I honestly can’t imagine having a payroll experience better than the one we’ve been having with Gusto. Read Andy's Auto story
13 employees
With Gusto, 'delightful payroll' is not just a saying. You truly deliver on what you promise. Read ealchemy's story
15 employees
Fitness Studio
With Gusto, payroll isn’t daunting at all. I just had to follow the steps and enter the info. Read Avant Barre's story
17 employees
Food industry
Gusto helped us to scale our business at the speed we needed, and at affordable rates. Read Common Wealth Joe's story
12 employees
With Gusto and Aplos, the work is taking half the time. Read Via Church's story
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