Gusto helps tech company AVLancer win $117k in R&D tax credits to double speed of innovation

With Gusto, AVLancer discovered they were eligible for federal research and development tax credits. They used Gusto’s experts to apply — a fast and straightforward process.

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With Gusto, AVLancer:

Money Envelope With Lines Kale

Won $117k in tax credits that they didn’t know they qualified for

Two Gears Guava

Improved workflows to unlock ‘massive’ opportunity for more tax credits

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Can now double the size of their software development team

About AVLancer

Where: Lakeside, CO
Industry: Technology in the audiovisual space
Employees: 26
Joined Gusto: October 2019

AVLancer is a technology platform that connects audiovisual companies with freelance AV techs across the United States.

AVLancer is led by a seasoned team with backgrounds in production management and corporate AV. AV companies tap into AVLancer’s network of freelancers while AVLancer manages the contracts, insurance, and invoicing. Freelancers connect with clients knowing that with AVLancer’s help, they’ll be paid for their work correctly and on time. 

AVLancer partnered with Gusto in 2019 to help onboard their first employees, ensuring that payroll and compliance details were in place. As their workforce expanded from coast to coast, Gusto’s multi-state tools helped them scale their payroll systems, creating confidence and peace of mind with minimal extra time investment. 

Recently, AVLancer used Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Service to earn more than $100,000 in tax credits that they can use to drive innovation and deepen customer relationships.

How AVLancer used Gusto to win valuable tax credits with minimal legwork

A $117k tax credit they ‘weren’t even thinking about’

No one at AVLancer was thinking about the federal R&D tax credit. “Next thing I knew, we had a $117,000 dollar credit,” says Henry Schueller, founder and CEO.

Without Gusto, I wouldn’t have even known that R&D tax credits were a thing. Not only did Gusto walk us through the process, they showed us that there was a credit we weren’t even thinking about.
Founder and CEO, AVLancer

It all began with a friendly email from Gusto. “It said we might be eligible and asked us to fill out a few questions – pretty straightforward,” Henry says. 

Afterward, Gusto’s experts prepared the tax documents using payroll data that Gusto already had about AVLancer, and told Henry how to supplement this with a few easily available reports. “Gusto was great at coaching me about where to find information,” Henry says. “I dug into Trello and Quickbooks, and found all the data really quickly.” 

In all, the process was “way quicker than I thought it would be,” according to Henry. Especially since he didn’t need to study the complex tax credit rules himself. Instead, Gusto’s experts led the way.

Optimized workflows unlock ‘massive’ opportunity with ease

With R&D tax credits in mind, leaders at AVLancer began to think even bigger – improving the way they documented development work so they could qualify for even more R&D tax credits. 

“We had logged only about half of what we were actually working on,” Henry says. “So the future opportunity should be massive.”

With guidance from Gusto, AVLancer tweaked the company’s employment structure, development process, and the way they conducted meetings, so the development work they were already doing could translate into tax credits down the line. 

“These are all things that we were already doing — we just wouldn’t have known they were creditable, without Gusto” Henry says.

Doubling the speed of development

With the tax credit, developing software at AVLancer can now kick into overdrive. The credit could fund two new full-time developers, doubling the company’s development rate. 

With additional resources, AVLancer can extend the impact of its mission: automating the reporting and invoicing tasks that bog down freelancers and the companies they serve. This helps Henry and his team take care of freelancers who are at the heart of the company’s vision. 

“Our development is key to our efficiency, and our efficiency is key to our ability to spend facetime with our freelancers,” Henry Says. “The key to that is automating the mundane – getting our heads out of the computer and out of the spreadsheets and into actually working with our people. Taking care of people will pay dividends for years and years to come.”

As AVLancer hires more developers, Gusto’s automated tools can help the company save time. Gusto automatically applies the company’s $117,000 tax credit to their payroll taxes each pay period, so AVLancer can benefit from tax savings in real time, without extra cost, paperwork, or time investment.

“That’s going to be huge for us,” Henry says.

Sharing a people-centered vision

Overall, Henry is excited that Gusto shares his company’s people-first ethos, which is critical to how AVLancer builds relationships with both freelancers and AV companies. “If we take care of them, they’ll take care of us,” Henry says. “We’re hoping to grow with Gusto for many years.”

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