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Gusto helps online food marketplace Goldbelly save a total of 900+ hours on HR administrative tasks while supporting massive growth

With Gusto, Goldbelly has sped up employee onboarding, automated payroll with little admin oversight and remained compliant with a distributed workforce.

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With Gusto, Goldbelly has:


Saved 400+ hours on employee onboarding over a span of 8 years

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Saved 100+ hours on compliance research over the last two years

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Supported workforce growth from 6 to 125+ employees

About Goldbelly

Where: New York, NY
Industry: Food Commerce
Employees: 125+
Joined Gusto: March 2014

Goldbelly is an online marketplace for iconic American foods. The company partners with well-known restaurants across the country to deliver everything from Philadelphia cheesesteak to deep dish pizza from Chicago, right to customers’ doors. 

Goldbelly began partnering with Gusto in 2014 with just six employees. Over the past several years, Gusto’s role supporting Goldbelly has expanded from managing payroll to streamlining employee onboarding, consolidating HR processes and facilitating compliance for a growing remote workforce. 

With Gusto, Goldbelly has saved significant time onboarding new employees and on compliance research, simplified payroll and improved the employee experience. Through new features such as the employee onboarding tools which contain an onboarding checklist, customizable offer letter templates and seamless software integrations, Gusto has been an essential HR management platform in supporting Goldbelly’s growth to 125+ employees.

How Gusto has saved Goldbelly 900+ hours on onboarding, payroll and compliance-related tasks

Easy, employee-focused onboarding

Goldbelly launched with six employees in 2013, with hopes of expanding nationwide. When it became clear that the company was gaining momentum and needed to hire more staff, Daniel Shinstrom, Vice President of Finance, realized Goldbelly needed a reliable and efficient payroll system and turned to Gusto. For more than eight years, Gusto’s payroll tool has saved Goldbelly an average of four hours per month, a lifetime savings of 400+ hours on running payroll. It also provides peace of mind to administrators that employees are being paid on time.

With established payroll as a jumping off point to grow its employee base, Goldbelly implemented Gusto’s integrated employee onboarding program to ensure new talent could get up to speed and start adding value right away, while saving the HR team valuable time.

“With Gusto’s easy-to-use platform, Goldbelly has also saved more than 400 hours on onboarding since 2014,” explains Shinstrom. “On top of that, it takes our admin team a maximum of one hour to oversee onboarding now. With legacy providers, it would take double or even triple that time.”

The HR team can customize pre-built offer letter templates to extend offers to candidates quickly and efficiently. When a new employee joins, Gusto’s employee-friendly Onboarding Checklist guides them through the onboarding process and delegates tasks for taxes, payroll and software setup.

Saving 100+ hours on compliance in the age of remote work

Since 2020, Goldbelly has shifted from having a primarily local workforce to a nationally distributed one. While most employees were previously based in New York, the company now has 50 remote employees across 15 states. This kind of change typically presents many challenges to a company’s HR team, as it requires significant legwork around registration and compliance in new states.

Gusto guides Goldbelly through the compliance process with tools like State Tax Registration, doing away with the need for its financial administrators to spend hours doing their own research on compliance requirements for each state where an employee resides. This gives them valuable time back to focus on other business needs. With Gusto, Goldbelly’s administrators can feel confident that the right paperwork will be filed accurately and on time. 

“Before Gusto, we spent up to eight hours per week on compliance-related research and tasks. We’ve saved more than 100 hours on the entire process since starting with Gusto,” says Shinstrom. “I’ve learned so much about compliance from all the resources Gusto provides, and I even have the state registration guide bookmarked for easy access. I’ve especially benefited from Gusto automatically preparing and filing tax reports and sharing quarterly summaries with us.”

Improving the employee experience through evolving features

As Goldbelly has grown, so has their need for new HR tools. Gusto’s consistent introduction of new features has allowed the partnership to continue for nearly a decade of Goldbelly’s growth and significant team expansion.

“Every time we wished that Gusto provided a certain tool, they started offering it soon after,” states Shinstrom.

This includes tools that improve the employee experience, which plays an important part in maintaining an adaptable and productive workforce. For example, Gusto’s org chart feature allows any Goldbelly employee to see the full company reporting structure and understand how different teams work together. As the company got bigger and more complex, it was crucial for employees to have easy access to this information. 

With Gusto, Goldbelly has also streamlined disparate tools and workflows into one platform. The company has integrated its 401(k) plan and accounting software with Gusto, removing the administrative burden of working across multiple systems and giving different teams one source of truth.

Partnering with Gusto for continued growth

Since its founding, Goldbelly’s headcount has increased by 121 employees. Gusto has been a steady partner throughout this period, supporting essential processes like payroll, onboarding and compliance, while saving Goldbelly over 500 hours in HR-related tasks.

“We are eager to see where our partnership with Gusto takes us next,” says Shinstrom. “As we continue to grow, we know Gusto will be with us every step of the way.”

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