BenefitsHealth reimbursement
Health reimbursement

Flexible, low-cost health
coverage is here.

There’s now a simple and affordable way for you to contribute to your
employees’ health costs. Gusto’s health reimbursement (QSEHRA)
option is fully built into payroll and processed automatically.

Step 1

Choose how much to contribute.

You choose the exact amount you want to reimburse your employees’ health costs each month. Once you set the amount, you’re ready to go.

The cost of health reimbursement is the contribution you choose to make plus $15 fee per employee per month.

Step 2

Your employees submit for health insurance

Once you choose a contribution amount, your employees take it from there by finding their own eligible health care plan and submitting for reimbursement.

Our partner, HealthSherpa, makes it easy to find healthcare plans approved by

Step 3

Gusto reimburses your
employees right into their paychecks.

When your employees submit proof of health insurance payments, we’ll automatically review it. If everything looks good, we’ll reimburse your team each month.

If they have questions, we’re here to help.

Taking care of your team is especially important right now.


81% of employees say health insurance is a must-have.

Heart Lines

Become a business where talented people want to work and stick around.

Dollar Bill

Health reimbursements are tax-free, saving you money.1


Setup is easy, and we’ll be here to support you and your team along the way.

Smart people and smart technology.

Licensed advisors
Our licensed advisors can help you decide if health reimbursements are right for you and your team. Plus, we’ll help you choose a contribution amount that balances coverage and affordability.

Compliance help
We provide tools to assist with compliance and help you file the right paperwork.

Friendly support
Your employees can reach out to us directly with questions, saving you time.

Gusto’s health reimbursement is
made possible by a QSEHRA.

A qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA) is a tax-free¹, federal allowance for small businesses. It allows employers of 1-49 employees to give reimbursements for their health expenses without the paperwork, premium increases, or complexities of small group health insurance.

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