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The people platform

Gusto makes it easy to pay your team, manage benefits, and protect your new business.

Now’s the perfect time to get your business organized and ready to grow.
Whether you plan to work in an office, a shop, on the go, or at home, our all-in-one people platform was built for you.

Step 1: Pick your plan

Pick a plan that works for your business and budget.

Everyone is different. Whether you just need an easy way to get paychecks out to your small team, or access to certified HR experts, we have you covered. And prices start at just $46/month.

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Step 2: Add benefits

Add benefits employees will love (and you can afford).

Businesses of all sizes can offer great benefits. We have affordable health coverage options, 401(k) plans, free financial planning tools, and so much more.

Browse no-cost, low-cost, and premium benefit plans

Step 3: Build your team

Get your new hires set up for success.

Now for the fun part: building your team. Send offer letters, manage onboarding, and set up software in just a few clicks. Your employees create their own Gusto accounts, and we help with forms and compliance.

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Step 4: Pay your team

Automatically file taxes every time you run payroll.

Ready to pay your employees? Good news! We’ve already calculated everyone’s wages, taxes, and deductions.

Direct deposits can be made as soon as the next business day for qualifying businesses. Then, we file and send your payroll taxes to all the right local, state, and federal agencies.

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Without Gusto, I’d be lost. They’ve made my first business foray an amazing adventure, and kept me from horrible mistakes.
Southern Oregon StoneCraft LLC

Hey there! What can we help you with?

You don’t have to be a payroll expert to start your business. With Gusto, you have a friendly team right by your side giving you the answers and advice you need.

Any questions? Ask away.

The people platform

Manage your growing
team, all in one place.

Behind every successful business is a thriving team. Hire, pay, insure, and
support your employees with Gusto’s all-in-one people platform.
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Prices start at just $46/month

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