About Section 174

Section 174, the tax regulation introduced in 1954, serves as the rulebook for businesses navigating the deduction landscape for research and experimental (R&E) expenditures. In the past, businesses could immediately deduct their research and development expenses, promoting active engagement in R&D activities for performance improvement and product development.

Recent updates, however, have injected a dose of complexity into the narrative. Effective after December 31, 2021, businesses are now required to amortize all R&D expenses over five years. This amortization period extends to 15 years when expenses are associated with foreign research initiatives.

Understanding Section 174 Calculator

For the purposes of estimation, our calculator assumes:
1. Revenue, expenses, and estimated percentage of expenses for R&D purposes is the same for each year
2. All R&D expenses qualifies for the R&D tax credit
3. R&D tax credit rate of 10%
4. Salary is 80% of total R&D expenses to calculate the payroll tax impact
5. Payroll tax percentage of 7.65%

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