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Make college savings easy and affordable for your team.

Your team is like family. Help them build brighter futures for their kids by offering a low-cost 529 college savings plan.

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What is a 529 plan?

A 529 plan is a college savings plan that helps your employees start saving for future education expenses today.

Pay for education

529 plan savings can be used to pay for tuition and expenses at any qualified college, trade school, or K-12 school.

Save for anyone

Employees can set money aside for anyone they want — including themselves. It’s easy to change beneficiaries at any time.

Grow savings post-tax

Employees automatically invest post-tax income with every paycheck. When they withdraw money, they won’t pay taxes on it.

Gusto + Gradvisor

College savings plans for budgets of any size.

  • Big benefits for the modern business

    Our partner Gradvisor will help you beef up your benefits package with a 529 plan designed to help your employees get smart about savings.

  • Syncs with payroll

    Once your 529 plan is up and running, you don’t have to do a thing. Gradvisor syncs with Gusto payroll to deduct contributions every pay period.

  • As low as $6 per employee

    You can offer 529 college savings plans to your team for a minimum of three employees or $18 per month.


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Average cost for one year of public college tuition and fees.


Cost of college today compared to 10 years ago.


Percentage of employees who say they’re interested in a 529 plan at work.

College savings with built-in support.

Employees are in charge of what they save and can easily manage and track their contributions over time.

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Free investing guidance

Gradvisor offers your team personalized advice for their goals, at no extra charge.

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User-friendly dashboard

Employees can easily manage their contributions on a dashboard in Gusto.

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Tax-free earnings

College savings aren’t taxed at withdrawal, so employees keep more of what they save.

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