Product Manager
Job Description Template

As a Product Manager, you’ll guide company products from conception and launch to maturity and decline. This includes developing product strategies, creating go-to-market plans, and managing engineering teams to design new features that align with customer needs. You’ll also works closely with marketing and sales teams to create messaging for promotional materials and to ensure successful product launches.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, design, develop, and market new products for the company based on customer feedback, data, and market trends.
  • Lead cross-functional teams (including engineering, marketing, sales, operations) throughout the product development cycle.
  • Define features for new products in line with customer needs and competitive positioning.
  • Construct product roadmaps that outline the product’s development trajectory and key milestones to ensure successful launches and implementation of new products.
  • Regularly evaluate performance metrics of current products to identify areas for improvement or optimization.
  • Analyze customer feedback data and market trends to inform product decisions and adjust strategy.
  • Oversee the creation of promotional materials (website, ads, brochures, social media content, email campaigns, etc.) for the successful launch of products.
  • Track, analyze, and report on product performance metrics.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering or related field
  • 3+ years of product management experience
  • Excellent problem solving skills and communication abilities
  • Proven ability to manage engineering teams and develop technical strategies
  • Proficiency in market analysis and customer feedback data
  • Experience with product roadmap development
  • Knowledge of various software engineering platforms such as Java, C++, HTML, etc.


  • Leadership: Ability to lead cross-functional teams throughout the product development process.
  • Communication & Collaboration: Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively with other departments.
  • Problem Solving: Ability to address customer needs and competitive positioning challenges through innovative solutions.
  • Analytical Thinking: Proven ability to analyze customer feedback data, market trends, and performance metrics.
  • Project Management: Ability to define product features, set timelines for successful launches, and oversee engineering teams.
  • Empathy: Empathetic understanding of user needs and the ability to advocate for customers throughout the product development process.
  • Technical Knowledge: A solid understanding of relevant technologies, industry standards, and best practices.

Salary Range

The salary for the Product Manager position typically ranges from $75,000 to $190,000 annually, depending on your experience and qualifications.

Brand Voice

[Company Name] is a [industry] innovator dedicated to [brief description of what the company does]. With a passion for [key aspect of company purpose], we have been [brief company history or background]. Our mission is [insert mission statement]. 

We are guided by a set of core values, including [list core values, e.g., integrity, innovation, teamwork]. These principles drive every decision we make and every action we take.

Over the years, we have achieved [mention significant achievements and milestones, e.g., industry awards, record revenue growth]. These accomplishments reflect our company culture is built on a foundation of [describe the main characteristics of your company culture, e.g., collaboration, creativity, diversity]. 

We offer [list of employee benefits, e.g., healthcare, 401k, profit sharing, flexible scheduling, tuition reimbursement, development opportunities, etc.]

We invite you to consider joining our organization, where your talents will be nurtured, your ideas valued, and your career ambitions supported.

Application Process

To apply for the Product Manager role, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining why you believe you are a qualified candidate for this role to [email address]. Please include examples of past product development work, if applicable.

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