Tax Credits

How to Help Clients Find R&D Tax Credits

The US government offers $92 billion in R&D Tax Credits each year and only about a third are ever claimed. Why? Well, these credits can be confusing. Businesses don’t know they’re eligible, and their trusted advisors (like you!) don’t always know enough to guide. 

In this on-demand webinar, Joshua of Gusto and Kenji of Acuity share everything you need to know to advise. Learn who’s eligible, how companies can apply, and how to start the conversation with your clients.

What you’ll learn

Learn all you need to know about R&D tax credits

Money Envelope

Including how they work, what’s involved, and when to apply them. (Did you know they’re retroactive?)

Understand who’s eligible

Calculator Kale

It applies to companies across all industries, from agronomy to architecture, facilities management to finance — and not just software startups!

Learn how Ardius helps your clients

Diamond Ginger

Including the crucial role payroll data plays, and the revenue share potential for your firm.

Meet Joshua & Kenji

Our upcoming live session will feature insights from guest speakers Joshua Lee & Kenji Kuramoto.

Joshua Lee, CEO of Ardius, a Gusto company

Joshua spent nearly 14 years at EY before starting Ardius, including as its West Coast R&D Credit Team Lead. He also has experience on both sides of the table of helping companies grow, as both a founder and an investor in tech companies.

Kenji Kuramoto, Founder and CEO at Acuity

Kenji is the Founder and CEO of Acuity, which builds and maintains financial operations for innovative entrepreneurs. Acuity has been named one of Accounting Today’s Top Firms For Technology and Top Firms To Work For.