Interview Questions

In the competitive field of dentistry, selecting the right candidate for your practice is paramount to success. This article explores essential interview questions for hiring dentists, offering insights into their qualifications, patient-centric approach, and ability to handle challenging situations. From verifying their educational background to assessing their skills in managing dental emergencies and their commitment to staying updated with industry advancements, these questions are a comprehensive toolkit for hiring excellence. 

We also provide additional and alternative questions to tailor your interviews to your unique practice needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your dental team.

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1. Can you describe your experience and education in dentistry?

  • This question helps verify if the candidate meets the basic qualifications for the role, ensuring they have the necessary education and experience in dentistry to perform the job effectively.

2. How do you handle patient anxiety and fear of dental procedures?

  • This question provides insight into the candidate’s interpersonal skills and ability to manage patients’ emotions, which is crucial in a field that can often cause anxiety.

3. How do you stay updated with the latest dentistry and dental technology advancements?

  • This question helps the interviewer understand the candidate’s commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry.

4. Could you tell me about a time you had to handle a dental emergency or dental trauma?

  • This question assesses the candidate’s ability to handle stressful situations and their competence in providing urgent dental care.

5. Can you explain your approach to patient care and comfort? What strategies do you use for pain management during dental procedures?

  • This question evaluates the candidate’s ability to prioritize patient well-being and assesses their pain management techniques, crucial for ensuring a positive patient experience and successful treatments.

6. Tell me about a challenging dental case you’ve handled. How did you approach it?

  • This question assesses problem-solving abilities, clinical expertise, and the candidate’s capacity to handle complex cases effectively, providing insight into their practical skills and decision-making process.

7. How do you manage your schedule and prioritize patient appointments effectively?

  • This question evaluates the candidate’s organizational and time management skills, ensuring they can efficiently handle a busy patient schedule, maintain productivity, and minimize patient wait times.

8. Can you describe your experience with pediatric dentistry or treating children?

  • This question can be used to evaluate the candidate’s ability to handle younger patients if the role involves pediatric dentistry.

9. What are your thoughts on preventive dentistry and patient education?

  • This question assesses the candidate’s communication skills and ability to effectively educate patients.

10. What dental specialties or procedures are you most comfortable with and passionate about?

  • This question helps identify the candidate’s areas of expertise and passion, ensuring alignment with the practice’s needs and offering insight into their potential contributions and professional fulfillment.

11. How do you ensure effective communication with your dental team and patients?

  • This question gauges the candidate’s communication skills, crucial for teamwork and patient satisfaction. It assesses their ability to convey information clearly, fostering a productive, patient-centered practice environment.

12. What dental specialties or procedures are you most comfortable with and passionate about?

  • This question reveals the candidate’s areas of strength and enthusiasm, aiding in determining their suitability for the role and assessing their potential contributions to the practice.

13. Can you discuss your experience with dental technology and equipment?

  • This question assesses the candidate’s familiarity and experience with dental software, which is crucial for modern dental practices.

14. How do you handle continuing education requirements and licensure renewals?

  • This question assesses the candidate’s commitment to maintaining their professional competence and staying up-to-date with industry standards, which is vital in dentistry due to continuous advancements in the field.

Additional and Alternative Questions

Every organization and hiring initiative is unique. The questions above are designed to help you find and hire an excellent candidate, but there may be additional or alternative questions that better suit your needs. Here are some ideas to help you round out your interviews. 

  • What are your thoughts on ethical considerations in dentistry, such as patient confidentiality and informed consent?
  • Why did you choose to pursue a career in dentistry?
  • Can you describe your experience with restorative procedures?
  • Can you describe an instance where you had to deal with an ethically challenging situation?
  • Please tell me about your experience with cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • How do you handle constructive criticism?
  • What do you consider your greatest professional achievement in dentistry so far?
  • How do you handle patient complaints or difficult situations in the office?
  • What steps do you take to maintain accurate patient records and documentation?
  • Can you share your approach to treatment planning and case presentation to patients?
  • Do you have experience with managing or leading a dental team?


Selecting the ideal dentist for your practice is a pivotal decision impacting patient satisfaction and success. The interview questions outlined in this article serve as a valuable guide to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications, patient-centric approach, and adaptability in this dynamic field. Tailoring these questions to your unique needs ensures you hire the best dentist to contribute to your practice’s growth and success.

While these questions are often effective, tailoring them to your organization’s needs and culture can further enhance the hiring process. We wish you luck throughout your hiring process!

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