Need a vacation from tracking time off?

Employee vacation tracking doesn’t have to be a time suck. With Gusto’s built-in, fully integrated PTO tracker you can set up multiple PTO policies, employees can easily manage their own requests and accruals—and since it seamlessly syncs to payroll, you can kick up your feet knowing Gusto’s got you covered.

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Say bon voyage to busywork.

No more error-prone spreadsheets and endless paper trails. You and your employees can easily request, manage, and track PTO from anywhere at any time.

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PTO policies that fit just right.

Whether full-time or part-time, hourly or salaried, build custom policies that work best for everyone on your team.

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So much more than a time off tracker.

Tracking PTO isn’t just about juggling schedules. Powerful PTO tools and integrated reporting mean better understanding your business and the people behind it.

PTO in your pocket

Make time off tracking a day at the beach.

Whether you’re digging into work or digging your toes in the sand, the Gusto Wallet mobile app lets you and your employees easily manage time off requests from anywhere. Get instant alerts via app and email, and forget about messy whiteboards and piles of post-its. Employees can check their used and accrued PTO with the push of a button, approvals can be delegated to the manager who knows best—and it all seamlessly syncs to your favorite calendar.

Perfectly crafted PTO

Increase retention with policies tailored to your team.

We know PTO isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Gusto lets you set up unlimited PTO policies covering everything from company-wide holidays and jury duty to parental leave and personal days. Create policies by team, by employee-type—or go wild and create a unique policy for every person. Deliver customized benefits that meet your employees’ needs while driving productivity and retention from bottom to top.

Powerful time off tools

Transform employee vacation tracking into actionable insights.

Syncing PTO to payroll saves you time and money, all while giving you peace of mind it’s done right. But with robust, integrated reporting you can get valuable insights into employee burnout and benefit effectiveness, along with real-time visibility into time off usage and availability—making Gusto so much more than a time off tracker. Fine-tune your offerings, keep your team happy, and effortlessly manage your PTO, all with Gusto.

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