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What are the integration options?

  • Application (or “App”): Create an integration between your software and our external API to help solve pain points for mutual customers. Over the years, we’ve empowered countless developers to build integrations with Gusto. Every integrated partner will be featured in our in-app directory and website.
  • Gusto Embedded Payroll: [NEW!] Now, with Gusto Embedded Payroll, you can build customizable payroll experiences into the core software that your businesses are already running on — vertical SaaS platform, point of sale or ecommerce.
  • Single Company API Access: We do not currently offer single company API access, but we hope to do so in the future and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

How do I get access to a sandbox environment to build?

To get started, fill out a Production Pre-Approval form, sign up for a Developer Portal account and onboard to our sandbox environment.

How do I get API keys?

Once you’ve created an account at and completed your Organization setup, you will have access to your unique API token from the Organizations tab and this is used for provisioning new Gusto accounts.

Next, create an application to obtain API credentials – or “keys” – to access our demo environment. The application will generate a unique client_id and secret to be used for authentication.

Then create a demo company so that you can explore our product and successfully connect your application to Gusto via OAuth2 to begin making calls to the API. Demo companies are automatically generated with company info, employees, and previous payrolls so you can begin testing right away. The Authentication Example has everything you need to get started.Once you have your API Token, client_id, secret, and a demo company, you’re ready to begin building your integration. Check out this short video tutorial for an introduction on testing the Gusto API (in demo).

Do you support multiple redirects?

We do support multiple redirects In demo for development purposes. You can add them to your application in your Developer Account. In production, we currently only support 1 redirect. In addition, Gusto does not support Wildcard URIs at this time.

Can I change the redirect URI for the API Keys?

You can change your Demo Application redirects. From the Applications tab of your Developer Portal account, click “Edit” and adjust the redirect as needed for your Application. 

To change the redirect for your Production Application, please reach out to [email protected].

Do you have any sample codes I can use to get started on?

Review the API documentation at for sample code snippets applicable to each endpoint. 

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