Developer FAQs

Getting Started

How do I get access to a sandbox demo?

A sandbox demo account is typically created when Gusto generates your demo API keys. If you need one before receiving API keys or you’d like another sandbox account, please send an email to

How do I get my API keys?

Gusto issues demo API keys for development and then a separate, new set for production once your integration has passed the Quality Review step and you are approved to launch your integration. Each set of API keys requires its own redirect URI.

Gusto requires a redirect URI (also sometimes referred to as a “Callback”) to generate an API token, client ID and secret. If you have not yet provided a redirect URI, please email We will not provide production API keys without a quality review of the integration done by the Developer Relations team.

Do you support multiple redirects?

In demo for development purposes, yes we do. You may send multiple Redirect URIs to obtain multiple sets of API keys for developing your integration. 

In production, we currently only support 1 redirect. In addition, Gusto does not support Wildcard URIs at this time.

Can I change the redirect URI for the API Keys?

Yes. If you need to change the redirect URI for your demo keys or would like an additional set for a different environment to develop with, please email We recommend against changing the redirect URI for your production keys as that will disable any active integrations and require users to re-authenticate.

Do you have any sample codes I can use to get started on?

Review the API documentation at for sample code snippets applicable to each endpoint. 

All API calls should be made to  when developing in demo (1st step). Once the integration is reviewed by Gusto, we’ll request a redirect URI for production and issue Production API Keys at which point all calls should be made to

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