Gusto Embedded Payroll

Now you can embed modern payroll directly into your platform.

Whether you want to use Gusto’s APIs as the building blocks for your own interface or implement a turnkey experience, Gusto can help you embed powerful, full-service payroll directly into your product.

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With Gusto Embedded Payroll, Vagaro businesses can streamline payroll and benefits, letting business owners focus efforts on big picture objectives.
Founder and CEO

Tap into a decade of payroll, benefits, and HR expertise.

Building payroll is no easy task. (Trust us, we know.) That’s why we’ve created Gusto Embedded Payroll — to help more companies provide modern payroll and HR tools to their customers.

Powerful APIs

Smart, end-to-end payroll functionality.

Gusto’s modern, full-service payroll unlocks a streamlined product experience built directly into your platform.

Calculate salaries, hourly wages, overtime, and more
Automatically file local, state, and federal payroll taxes
Direct deposit employee paychecks
Generate paystubs and W-2s
Trusted infrastructure

Technology that’s been tried and tested.

For more than ten years, we’ve helped businesses across all 50 states run hundreds of thousands of payrolls. The code’s been tested and optimized over time to provide quality, reliable payroll to your customers.

dedicated compliance support
Compliance and support

Dedicated service and compliance support.

At Gusto, we’re always thinking about compliance. We partner with hundreds of local, state, and federal tax agencies so our customers (and now yours) can pay their teams and file payroll taxes confidently.

Gusto Embedded Payroll enables us to deliver the first integrated all-in-one financial platform for businesses-of-one.
Founder and CEO
Heart LinesThe people platform

Tools for people who care about people.

Payroll is just the beginning. We’re working to integrate benefits, team management, hiring tools, and expert HR so your partnership with Gusto can grow to support your customers and their teams in even more meaningful ways.

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Gusto Embedded Payroll

Add modern payroll directly
into your platform.