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 Building an Application

What is an application (or ‘App’)?

An application like the ones we have available in our app directory is an integration between two separate softwares using APIs (e.g Gusto and Partner). The software passes information between systems to automate data sharing and simplify workstreams, but the softwares remain separate. These apps are powerful because they streamline data sharing, shorten manual processes, and reduce errors for employers.  We believe in and want to foster an open ecosystem that gives our customers the choice of who they work with to serve their unique business needs. We’re optimizing our directory for customer value.

What does it cost to build an application?

There is no cost to access Gusto’s API at this time.

How long does it usually take to build an integration?

It depends on the type of integration, but given the state of the Gusto API the integration build typically takes between 1 and 2 months from the time your demo keys are issued to the time your production keys are issued (includes quality review). We recommend scoping your integration before you start building, and be sure to reference our Quality Review overview for best practices, requirements, and a preview of the approval process

What’s required to launch an integration?

Requirements can vary depending on integration type and tier.  Below are several assets we may require to grant production access we require to launch in order to properly market and support our partners: 

  1. Video walkthrough of the end-to-end experience of the integration once it is built (example)
  2. Integration instructions to use in Gusto Help Center article (e.g Integrate with Partner)
  3. Partner/Gusto Help Center article (e.g.
  4. Generate co-branded landing page and tracking URL that can track converted customers (e.g.
  5. Partner Terms of Service URL (e.g.
  6. 120 Character Platform Description (for website)
  7. 75 Word Platform Description for App Directory
  8. 3-5 images of the application in PNG format (minimum 1160 x 778 px in landscape)
  9. 3-5 images of the integration in PNG format (minimum 1160 x 778 px in landscape)
  10. Square dimension company logo in SVG (preferred) or PNG image format type with no background (i.e., “transparent”); JPEGs will not be accepted.

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