Gusto Flexible Pay

It’s time to
rethink payday

Times have changed. There’s no reason we should still be waiting around for biweekly paychecks. With Flexible Pay, people have access to the money they’ve earned when they need it — plain and simple.

The future of payroll is here

Peace of mind for employees

Rent due? Unexpected car repair? Now, employees can decide when they want to get paid for the work they’ve done.

No extra work for employers

Payroll works the same as always. Gusto advances funds to cover off-cycle payouts, then deducts from regular payroll later.

More financial freedom for all

When people have more control over their money, they can make smarter decisions about how and when they spend it.

Ready for the future?
Here’s how it works.

Once an employer enables Flexible Pay, employees can start accessing their money.

  1. Employees sign into Gusto and choose their payday.

  2. Gusto advances funds to employers, so employees get paid as soon as a day later.

  3. When employers run payroll, Gusto deducts the advanced funds.

Want to dig deeper?

You can read more about Flexible Pay in this blog post from Gusto co-founder, Tomer London.

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