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Quality Review “QA”

What is the Quality Review and why does Gusto require it?

Once your API integration is ready in demo, we perform a Quality Review (“QA”) before issuing production keys to ensure 1) the integration works, 2) excellent customer experience, 3) Gusto education and resources.

How do I submit my integration for Quality Review?

By the time your demo API keys are issued, Gusto should have shared a Partner Checklist that outlines the integration features, resources, and launch requirements. Please use the checklist to scope your integration build and then complete it as you progress through development. More information here.We recommend completing the checklist as you progress through the build to expedite the “QA” process later on. You can also add any questions to your checklist as you go and tag to keep all Q&As in one place for quick reference.

What all is required to pass QA?

Partner Checklist fully completed and any follow up questions or feedback addressed. The more detail you can provide in the initial response should help reduce the back and forth that may prolong the QA process. 

How long does the QA stage take?

It depends on the integration and QA submission details, but typically 1-2 weeks from start to finish. Gusto will typically provide a first response within 5 business days of the checklist being submitted. 

What is this requirement for all partner’s to publish help content on the Gusto integration in their support center?

By the time the integration is live, we require that your support center also includes content on the Gusto integration and that your support team is able to assist customers if/when a mutual customer reaches out about the integration. Gusto is committed to helping with basic setup and troubleshooting, but will direct the customer to your support team as needed.

Why do you need this video and information for a Gusto help center article on our integration?

A thorough walkthrough video of the user’s end to end experience of the integration and strong help center article are required before production keys are issued. These resources will be used to educate and equip our Gusto customer-facing teams on your integration. We’ve found that these resources help improve our customers’ experience with integrations and the overall usage of each.

Can you tell me more about what you expect in this video walkthrough resource?

This can be submitted via a YouTube link, Loom, or similar tool but access must be “public” (or at least accessible to any Gusto employee with the link) and there should be no expiration on it, as we will use this as a resource for our Sales and Support teams. The video should take us through the user’s end-to-end experience, starting with creating a new account and authorizing the integration (e.g Sunrise integration to Gusto). To help expedite the review process, please include a voice over to capture as many details as possible and show the following:

  • A demo of the user creating a Gusto Account through the integration
  • A demo of the user authorizing the integration to access their Gusto information
  • A demo of each unique feature of the integration – employee sync, syncing hours, etc.
  • Be sure to call out different error messages and instructions on how to troubleshoot

What do you need to create the content that will be published in Gusto’s Help Center on our integration?

We’ll request details to be used to publish a public-facing support article on your integration in the Gusto help center when you submit the integration for QA. Specifically:

  • A concise overview of your software and why it integrates with Gusto
  • Step-by-step instructions on how a user can connect to Gusto from your application
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use your integration once connected to Gusto
  • Any terms and their definitions that may be unique to your product
  • 2 potential issues users of this integration may run into and how to troubleshoot each.
  • Your team’s support contact info
  • Prepare and publish a Gusto Integration article on your own help center and provide the link in your QA application (e.g.

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