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Having trouble retaining customers? Use our Churn Rate Calculator to find out how many customers you're losing and decide the steps you can take to improve customer retention.

Understanding Churn Rate

What is churn rate? 

A company’s churn rate refers to the rate at which customers “churn” or stop doing business with the company. It’s also sometimes called the customer churn or rate of attrition. Churn is most applicable when companies use a subscription business model, such as with SaaS companies. 

Businesses track their churn rate to understand how well they bring in and retain customers. Typically, businesses follow the monthly churn rate and annual churn rate.  

What is the churn rate formula? 

The churn rate formula divides the number of customers lost by new customers and turns that number into a percentage. It looks like this:

churn rate = lost customers / start customers × 100

As you can see, the main work is to ensure you get accurate customer counts to plug into the formula. The churn calculation itself is pretty simple.

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