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If you're looking for a way to calculate your absence rate, this is the perfect tool for you! By inputting data about your absences, our calculator will provide you with an accurate calculation of your current absence rate. This is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your attendance, and make sure that you're meeting your goals.

Understanding Absence Rate

What is absence rate?

The absent rate, or absenteeism rate, is the rate at which employees miss a planned workday for reasons unrelated to the business. The absence must be unplanned to count, so no vacation or personal days are included here. Unplanned absences can be related to:

  • Illness, fatigue, weakness
  • Childcare or eldercare issues
  • Transportation issues 
  • Family obligations
  • Personal obligations
  • Burnout and low morale
  • Toxic work environment

But tracking how often employees miss work isn’t always about individual oversight. You can learn many things about your company, including how well it’s supporting its workforce by providing enough sick leave, for example. 

You can also look at individual absenteeism, also called employee absence rate or employee absenteeism rate. Most of the time, business owners review the total absence of the whole organization. 

What is the absence rate formula? 

The absenteeism rate formula is a little more complicated than other business ratios. It looks like this

Absence rate = Total days absent / (Number of employees × Number of workdays) × 100

As you can see, several steps are involved in the calculation, including quite a bit of information gathering.

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