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Lattice is the People Success Platform that brings together all of the tools, workflows, and insights to help organizations develop engaged, high-performing employees and winning cultures. By combining continuous performance management, employee engagement surveys, compensation management, and career development tools into one connected solution, Lattice can deliver powerful people analytics used by HR and People teams to drive impactful business outcomes. Ranked on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list two years in a row, Lattice serves over 4,675 customers worldwide including Slack, Asana, Solera Health, Guild Education. Lattice is available in the following languages: English, UK English, French, Canadian French, and German. Learn more by visiting the Lattice site.

Purpose of Integration

The integration between Lattice and Gusto is a one-way integration from Gusto to Lattice designed to automate employee record provisioning into Lattice, employee record updates into Lattice and employee record deprovisioning from Lattice. The integration is also capable of syncing custom employee attributes from Gusto into Lattice.

This integration will allow for Gusto and Lattice systems to interact more easily and effectively including:

  • A quick and easy implementation that usually takes around 10 minutes and doesn’t require any technical help
  • Less risk of sync errors and data discrepancies between Gusto and Lattice.
  • Continued secure data sharing from Gusto to Lattice.
  • This integration will save customers time by automating workflows and eliminating the manual, duplicated work between the two platforms – so they can focus on the work that really matters.


  • You need to be a Lattice customer to activate the integration with Gusto. Submit a request here to get in touch with one of our sales members.
  • To sync your Lattice account with Gusto, you must be an admin in both Lattice and Gusto.

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Why Choose Lattice

Most Loved and Adopted Platform by Users

  • Engage your team with the most intuitive and loved user experience. Lattice is a leader across G2’s Grids across Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Career Management, and Objects & Key Results.

Connected People Data

  • Lattice is the first and only company to natively connect Employee Performance metrics with Employee Engagement data for easily surfaceable and actionable insights about your people.

Evolves & Scales With You

  • Deep product richness and customization paired with broad coverage of the employee experience make Lattice the most comprehensive platform for people management that turns companies into higher-performing, more engaged workforces.

Award-Winning Customer Experience

  • Lattice provides best in class customer experience and was awarded the 2022 Gold Stevie® Award for National Sales Team of the Year and a Silver Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

Unify people success initiatives

  • Lattice offers a unified platform across Performance, Engagement, Career Development, and OKRs.

Build a culture of feedback

  • Move to continuous feedback and performance management to enhance annual evaluations and keep employees engaged. Lattice’s easy-to-use interface keeps your whole team engaged.

Engagement Survey
1 out of 8

App capabilities

Data sync between Gusto and Lattice
  • Birthdate
  • Compensation
  • Custom fields
  • Department
  • Dismissal date
  • Email
  • First name
  • Import employees from Gusto to Lattice.
  • Job title
  • Last name
  • Manager
  • Ongoing sync of employee information in Lattice and Gusto.
  • Preferred name
  • Start date
Sync Gusto contractor data onto Lattice
Use Gusto as your source of truth by syncing Gusto’s contractor data to your Lattice accounts. Fields that will be synced include:
  • Active or inactive status
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
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