Gusto + Greenhouse

Streamline your hiring process through integrations with Gusto

It can be time consuming to source, interview and hire the right people for your team.
That’s why we’re partnering with Greenhouse to provide a solution that integrates into your Gusto account,
saving you time so you can get back to running your business. 

Integrations made for businesses like yours

How this integration will help your business

Greenhouse’s user-friendly hiring solution helps you automate and optimize the entire hiring process to save time, make the right hires, and cut overall recruiting costs. By integrating with Gusto, users can easily export hired candidates out of Greenhouse and create employee records in Gusto saving time and eliminating manual entry.

How it works

What information will be synced between the two systems?

When you’re ready to bring on a new employee, you can import them from Greenhouse and the employee’s first name, last name, email, phone, title and start date will be populated in Gusto making the employee onboarding process a breeze.

A peek into Greenhouse’s feature set


Applicant tracking, team collaboration, multi-channel sourcing, candidate experience, structured hiring, custom reporting & analytics, diversity & inclusion tools, and 360+ unique integrations


Custom welcome experience (tasks, profiles, email flow), new hire feedback, reporting

Talent Pools

Customizable pools of candidates to give deeper visibility into engagement pipeline

Sourcing Analytics

Capture insights into key activities and track the success of each team member’s engagement strategies

Talent Finder

Find talent in your database of past prospects and candidates

Lifecycle View

Group talent into customizable pools of like candidates to give deeper visibility into your engagement pipeline

How to get started