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Integrating POS through Payroll, to drive profits, and streamline workflow.

Export hours/earnings to Gusto
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App capabilities

Data sync between Gusto and Dolce
  • Import employees from Gusto to Dolce.
  • Ongoing sync of employee information in Dolce and Gusto.
  • Sync additional earnings from Dolce into Gusto calculated in your partner’s platform.
  • Sync your team’s hours from Dolce into Gusto for quick and accurate payroll.
Sync Gusto employee data onto Dolce (optional)
Use Gusto as your source of truth by syncing Gusto’s employee data to your Dolce employee accounts. Note: Only accounts that you match between Dolce and Gusto will be synced. Things that will be synced include:
  • First name (preferred if available)
  • Last name
  • Title
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