DocuSign, Inc. is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California, that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements. A full suite of industry leading applications, integrations, and flexible APIs.


A DocuSign Starter or higher plan is required to connect to Gusto. Click here to learn about DocuSign's plans. DocuSign is only available for Gusto Plus and Premium accounts.

Getting Started

Have a DocuSign account? Here’s how to connect with Gusto:

  1. Click Connect and follow the instructions to verify your account credentials.
  2. Match DocuSign user accounts with your team members in Gusto.

Don’t have a DocuSign account? Click here to sign up.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us here.

App capabilities

Create and/or remove DocuSign accounts
  • Create DocuSign accounts for your employees from Gusto.
  • Remove DocuSign accounts for your employees from Gusto.
Prices start at just $46/month

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