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Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

The Carta and Gusto integration helps streamline equity management to:

Eliminate double entry

Automatically sync key HR data from Gusto to Carta, saving time and manual entries.
For example, when you offboard an employee in Gusto it will automatically trigger their termination in Carta for you to review, approve, and then confirm their final vesting date.

Increase visibility into total compensation

Sync key HR data, including salary and bonus benefits from Gusto to Carta, bringing increased visibility into total compensation for businesses and their employees

Ensure fair and competitive compensation

When you bundle your Carta equity management subscription with Carta Total Comp, you can benchmark your employees’ total compensation relative to the market, designed to ensure fair and competitive compensation

Calculate taxes with ease

Employees’ tax impact has never been easier to understand with location, salary and equity information complete in one place. Carta can help inform employee tax liability for taxable equity events.

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App capabilities

Data sync between Gusto and Carta
  • Automatically sync your payroll data and create entries in Carta.
  • Import employees from Gusto to Carta.
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