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New research on advice businesses need—and how much more they’d pay accountants for it

This year, 44 percent of businesses said they’d pay their accountant more for people operations advice. And the number of business who want their accountant’s advice on benefits? That leapt 189 percent since 2021. Gusto’s economics team ran the numbers and uncovered some pretty interesting findings. Is your firm staying attuned to what clients need most? 

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How to advise clients in a tight labor market
How much more they’d pay for that advice
How many businesses want help with tax credits
Opportunities for new lines of business for your firm

Are Your Clients Getting the Advice They Need?

This year’s report found that while 52 percent of business owners say they need help devising an affordable benefits package, 10 percent say they’re getting that help. There’s still a guidance gap. Get your copy of the guide to learn what clients want, and how to offer it.