Handlebar Cyclery works with Gusto

The instant you walk into Handlebar Cyclery, you know it’s not your average bike shop. From the friendly mustachioed staff to the hand-chalked “menu” of service packages for your bike, and the smell of espresso in the air, Handlebar does things differently.

Beyond bikes and tune-ups, Handlebar Cyclery has built a real community in Katy, Texas. Every week, they bring neighbors and friends together for group rides and events. And the shop itself has become a welcoming space for people to connect over the things they’re passionate about.

Owner Stephen Crewe looks for that same passion in every new employee he hires. Why? He says, “When you’re passionate, you’re always learning. And you want to share that passion—you want to see others enjoying what you enjoy.”

When you’re passionate, you’re always learning.

Stephen uses Gusto to take care of his passionate team. He runs payroll, offers workers’ comp and, occasionally, stars in commercials.

We were so glad to meet Stephen and the team who make Handlebar Cyclery such a special place. They care about what they do and they care about each other—that authenticity shines both on screen and in real life.

We’re like a family. We support each other.

So, if you’re ever in Katy, and you want a bike, a new helmet, or just a shot of Italian espresso, stop by their shop. Or check them out online at handlebarcyclery.com.

Thanks for working with Gusto, Handlebar Cyclery.

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