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In the architecture world, spaces tell stories. That’s certainly true of the dwg. office where local art pieces adorn the walls, designers gather around creative work tables, and if you’re lucky, a studio dog greets you at the door. The common thread? Community is at the center of everything they do.

dwg. is an award-winning landscape architecture firm in the heart of Austin, Texas. In any given month, they might design a public park full of native plants, an urban plaza bustling with life, or even a glowing garden installation to celebrate Austin’s urban ecology.

At dwg., every project starts with a happy, healthy team. Principal, Mindy Cooper, says that between corn-dog-themed birthdays and fast-approaching deadlines, coworkers are more like family. “We’re connected by a purpose. There’s a lot of laughter. There’s a lot of respect. I can’t imagine working with a better group of people.”

I can’t imagine working with a better group of people.

The dwg. team is growing every day. For founder Daniel Woodroffe, Gusto helps him to care for his people. Daniel offers the best possible health benefits, flex working, and 401(k) matching because he knows that when his people thrive, his business thrives too.

We take pride in the benefits we offer. We all work incredibly hard, so it’s important that we stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

dwg. shared their space and stories with us, and we’re better for it. If you’re exploring Austin and find yourself in a glorious outdoor space, you may have the team at dwg. to thank.

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Thanks for working with Gusto, dwg.

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