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Gusto cuts time on HR tasks by almost 300 hours per year for healthcare startup Nexus Solutions for Autism

With Gusto, Nexus Solutions for Autism has sped up its onboarding process, completed HR tasks with minimal oversight and easily managed benefits.

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With Gusto, Nexus Solutions for Autism has:

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Saved up to 5 hours per week onboarding new employees

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Reduced time spent on HR tasks by 75%

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Increased efficiency of time-off requests

About Nexus Solutions for Autism

Where: Geneva, Illinois
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: 45+
Joined Gusto: January 2020

Based in Illinois, Nexus Solutions for Autism supports individuals on the autism spectrum and their families in all aspects of daily life. It provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy through in-home services and school collaboration to create a positive impact for those with autism and their communities. 

The company started working with Gusto in 2020 to fast track its new employee onboarding, consolidate its HR operations and establish an efficient benefits enrollment process. Using Gusto, Nexus Solutions for Autism saved time in the onboarding and benefits management processes, while having full HR capabilities during a period of growth.

Gusto has been an essential tool to streamline key HR processes

A stress-free onboarding process

As an organization looking to quickly hire qualified specialists, Nexus Solutions for Autism needed an HR management provider that could handle onboarding needs as it geared up for expansion. 

Gusto has been a trusted HR partner throughout the hiring process. From providing templates for offer letters and automating distribution to prompting new hires to complete required paperwork like I-9 forms, and setting up employee emails, Gusto has been key in streamlining onboarding needs. Since implementing Gusto, Nexus Solutions for Autism has onboarded nearly 50 employees and saved an average of five hours per week. 

As an operations person, it’s wonderful to hear from employees that Gusto is so easy to use. If nobody’s coming to me to point out shortcomings and I don’t have to divert my attention to put out HR-related fires, that means we have chosen the right platform to handle our needs. When someone comes to me with a problem like an error on a W-4 form, I no longer feel like it will take up a lot of my time because Gusto makes it so easy to fix.
Director of Operations, Nexus Solutions for Autism

“The onboarding would have taken so much longer with our previous HR platform,” explains Ishikawa. “It would require new employees to sign physical offer letters, which was a hassle. Solving that issue alone with Gusto has saved us a lot of time, effort and energy.”

A one-stop shop for all HR needs

Like many startups, leaders at Nexus Solutions for Autism have to split their time between a variety of tasks. Before Gusto, execs spent about 7 to 8 hours a week on HR tasks, which didn’t give them the greatest value for their time. With something as simple as tracking expenses, employees had to manually email their receipts and operations leaders had to constantly monitor the process. By using Gusto, Nexus Solutions for Autism automated parts of this process and freed up the operations team’s time for other responsibilities enabling them to save almost 300 hours  on HR tasks in the last year. 

Gusto provides a single dashboard for all HR resources, including payroll reminders and easy access to the employee handbook. As a valued partner, Gusto’s HR support team is also an integral part of verifying that processes are running smoothly and providing answers to urgent questions. 

“I’ve called the HR support team quite a few times in the last two years to ask about labor laws, how we could provide COVID-19 assistance, and to ensure our procedures were in line with state requirements ,” says Ishikawa. “That has been incredibly helpful and has provided immediate responses to questions that would have taken me hours to find the correct answers to if left to problem solve on my own. We switched to Gusto because of the ease of use and better HR support.”

Modernizing the benefits management process

Nexus Solutions for Autism works to both serve its community and make a positive impact in its workplace by offering employees a variety of benefits, including PTO, health, dental and worker’s comp insurance. 

Gusto’s benefits platform supports a diverse workforce, with options that make it easy for employees with various healthcare needs to enroll in the benefits that suit them best. The platform also allows Nexus Solutions for Autism to renew its affordable employee benefits, track and approve time-off requests and manage time tracking efficiently. 

“Before using Gusto, it was becoming a hassle to track time off,” states Ishikawa. “Because our services require in-home presence and some of our administrative staff are remote, not having a good way to record PTO became a staffing issue. Since we started using Gusto, we’ve saved about 50 hours  in the last 6 months on processes related to time off tracking.”

Personalizing the employee experience to support company culture

Over the next year, Nexus Solutions for Autism hopes to have intends to continue to scale. While navigating this growth, the organization is looking to further personalize the HR experience. 

“We want to cultivate an environment where our employees feel supported and valued with personal touches. It can be something as simple as sending out ‘happy work anniversary’ notes when Gusto notifies us that an important milestone is coming up,” explains Ishikawa. “We are all scattered in different locations most of the time, and new employees join our team without much facetime with their coworkers. We look forward to using more of Gusto’s features to bring us together.”

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