R&D Tax Credit Services

Unlock R&D tax credits for your clients.

Our tax specialists can uncover thousands of dollars in eligible research and development expenses. You can be a hero in helping them get vital funds for their business through Gusto R&D tax credit services.

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Our team has helped qualified clients save an average of $30k
We’ve helped businesses uncover $150,000,000 in tax credits
Work with a platform you trust with deep R&D tax credit expertise
Earn a bonus for yourself and your firm1

What’s the Research and Development tax credit?

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit is a tax incentive for companies that innovate. Any activity that’s technological in nature and improves what your clients make or how they make it may qualify, which means businesses across many industries can benefit. Here’s a four-part test you can use to determine eligibility.

Get clients the credit they deserve.

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Deliver the savings clients expect

Expert CPAs and tax attorneys with over 100 years of combined R&D tax credit experience find credits that others miss. Our automated engine maximizes credits at scale.

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Peace of mind from start to finish

Clients get the benefit of working with a platform they trust. You’ll both get meticulous documentation and up to 10 hours of audit assistance.

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Save time during tax season

We prepare the time-consuming applications so you don’t have to. Plus, we’ve automated recordkeeping and disbursement for accuracy and ease.

We knew using Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Service would be great, especially since most of our clients already use Gusto. Plus, being able to offer R&D tax credits sets us apart from other firms, and Gusto makes it possible and easy.
CPA, Director of Tax

Read how Acuity built a $250k line of business with Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Service here.

More money back for you and your clients.

Transparent pricing
We charge up to 15% of your client’s R&D tax credit as a fee.
Revenue share for your firm
Your firm gets 5-20% of the fee depending on your partner level. The higher your status, the more you earn.
$500 referral bonus1
An extra gift for each qualified customer you refer to us – our way of saying thanks.

Peace of mind with a partner you trust.

For clients already using Gusto’s all-in-one payroll platform, claiming the R&D tax credit couldn’t be easier. Everything is integrated, end-to-end. And for eligible businesses, Gusto can even use clients’ R&D tax credits to offset. payroll taxes directly in Gusto, no other software required.

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Refer your client

Our R&D Tax Credit Services team will reach out to see if they qualify.

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Let us do the legwork

Upload the general ledger and we’ll take it from there.

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Submit the forms

We prepare the paperwork to claim the R&D credit. You file the tax forms with the IRS.

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Your eligible clients save valuable dollars, you get rewarded – win, win.

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Unlock your client’s R&D tax credit with Gusto.

Sign in and select R&D tax credits under Refer & earn to check clients’ eligibility.

Peace of mind with a partner you trust.

Clients have three options for using their R&D tax credits:

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Offset your payroll taxes

Qualified small businesses can offset payroll taxes for up to five years directly in Gusto through real-time or quarterly redemption. Real-time redemption is free if you use Gusto for R&D tax credit services and $100/mo if you filed for R&D tax credits through a third party.

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Offset income taxes

After five years, clients can instead apply the credit to offset income taxes.

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Carry forward

If clients don’t have income taxes to use the credit against, they can carry back for up to one year and carry forward the credits for up to 20 years.