What is RISE?

RISE (Representation, Inclusion, Social Impact, Equity) is our framework for diversity and belonging. It’s a holistic mission to ensure that no matter where you’re from, how you look, or how you live, you feel empowered and accepted at Gusto. The sum of nearly a decade of learnings, RISE is our commitment to build a company we’re proud of, that represents the world and businesses we serve.


We do our best to ensure Gusto’s entire workforce reflects all demographics of our country.


We foster allyship, community, and connections so that every Gustie feels like they belong.

Social impact

We leverage our platform for good to make the world a better place.


We create a level playing field with culture and processes that produce equal opportunities for all.

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RISE Learning Journeys.

Our commitment to diversity and belonging is more than just an idea. At Gusto, we provide pathways for our people to learn, discuss, and engage with one another around today’s most relevant issues.

Our mission is to elevate the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion — and move from words to accountability, meaningful action, and tangible results.
Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer

Our affinity groups.

One of the many ways we foster a diverse, inclusive workspace is through employee-led “with Gusto” affinity groups. Open to all Gusties, they’re a great way to connect with like-minded people. In addition, we offer interest groups for baking, cycling, dogs, sustainability, and more.

40Plus supports Gusties age 40 and over, providing mentorship and perspective on work/life balance, career development, and wellbeing.

Affinity group logo for Asians with gusto

AwG works to celebrate AAPI culture, raise awareness on issues experienced by the AAPI community, and provide equal opportunity for all.

Affinity group logo for AVID with gusto

AVID (Awareness of Visible & Invisible Disabilities) cultivates a sense of support, belonging, and inclusion for disabled people and their allies.

Affinity group logo for Black with gusto

BwG focuses on attracting, developing, and retaining Black employees at Gusto through learnings, networking, and leadership opportunities.

Affinity group logo for Juntos with gusto

Juntos promotes career advancement, business impact, and cultural understanding of the Latinx community at Gusto and around the world.

Affinity group logo for Parents with gusto

PwG seeks to improve conditions for parents. It encourages mothers, fathers, and caregivers to connect and support each other in all phases of family life.

Affinity group logo for Pride with gusto

Pride centers around the advancement of the LGBTQ+ community and supports broader efforts to fulfill Gusto’s commitment to RISE.

Affinity group logo for Veterans with gusto

VwG affinity harnesses the value and experience of servicemembers. Through networking and outreach, it helps vets thrive at work, home, and in the community.

Affinity group logo for women with gusto

WwG serves as a forum for progress, purpose, and professional enrichment to ensure women are represented in all roles, at all levels, throughout Gusto.

Our 2022 RISE Report: Gusto by the numbers.

The RISE Report represents our collective efforts, learnings, and revelations—as well as hurdles we’ve overcome—during our first 2 years of RISE (May 2020 to 2022). It summarizes a range of data across hiring, engagement, and retention, so we can measure our progress and take action where needed. In an effort to create continuous transparency, we invite you to take a look.

See our diversity report

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