Developer FAQs

PUT Payrolls

If we send you a lump sum of hours, can you calculate how the hours should be allocated between regular, overtime, and/or double overtime?

No, when sending hours to Gusto you will need to specify the allocation of hours between Regular Hours, Overtime, and Double Overtime. From there, Gusto will calculate the total gross wages for the employee based on hourly rate, overtime and double overtime rates.

Can we process payroll through the API?

No, given the sensitive nature of payroll, this should be done in Gusto to allow the user to review and confirm before processing.

Can we submit tips for multiple jobs in the same pay period?

At this time tips cannot be associated to multiple job IDs so you wouldn’t be able to distinguish tips between job A vs. job B through Gusto. This is a function that’s been requested by other customers/developers so it’s something we’re looking into down the line.

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