I’m excited to welcome Mike Taylor to Gusto as our Chief Financial Officer. Mike aligns with Gusto’s mission to create a world where work empowers a better life, and brings to the team a wide set of experiences helping to scale companies. We are aligned on the importance of optimizing for the long term, and ten years into the journey of building Gusto, we both believe these are still the early days of what is possible.

Unlocking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Their Employees

Mike was able to understand firsthand how Gusto simplifies the complexities of running a business for entrepreneurs several years ago when his wife started a preschool out of their home. She used Gusto to take care of payroll, taxes, and compliance, and was drawn to the peace of mind that it provided so she could focus on what mattered most–being able to serve and teach young children.

As the modern work era continues to evolve, millions of workplaces have been forced to grapple with even more challenges that stem from tight labor markets, employee burnout, and the shift to remote work. They need more than just a set of tools that support basic business processes. They deserve a partner and a platform that simplifies business operations, enhances the lives of their teams, and provides them with the time and services that are needed to build great places to work.  

Gusto exists to unlock opportunities for entrepreneurs and their employees. We’re more than a tool they use, we’re an advocate and partner they trust. More than 200,000 businesses use Gusto’s People Platform to hire, pay, insure, and support their teams—from modern payroll & benefits to remote work services & international contractor support to financial health benefits & expert HR advice.

Scaling Gusto to Help Millions of Businesses Build Great Places to Work

During his 30-year career, Mike has led and scaled finance organizations at multiple high-growth companies. He most recently was CFO of GitHub, and prior to that he was a senior finance leader at Tesla for nearly a decade, helping to take the company public and expand to new markets and services. 

Mike is joining the team at a time when Gusto is fast becoming critical infrastructure that is powering a crucial part of the economy, with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs relying on our People Platform to help them build great places to work and successful businesses. 

Throughout the past year, we’ve added dozens of new features to address many of the greatest challenges small and medium-size business owners are facing, including increasing access to new talent pools domestically & internationally, simplifying hiring & onboarding teammates remotely, and more tools to create a rewarding & engaging work culture.

We’ve also enhanced Gusto’s People Platform with the recent acquisitions of Symmetry (the longtime leader in payroll infrastructure technology), Ardius (an R&D tax credit solution), and RemoteTeam (making it easier to build your team anywhere). Through these new additions, we’re doing even more to help businesses avoid costly payroll mistakes, access tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money through R&D tax credits, and provide new ways to increase employee impact and engagement.

Our commitment to solving the pain points of small and medium businesses will continue with even more features to help them take care of their teams, accelerate their growth by unlocking opportunities to access capital, streamline back-office processes, and make it easier to find and support new talent. We’re also equally committed to helping their employees access great healthcare and be more in the driver’s seat of the financial future. Accounting firms have been key partners to deliver on all of these efforts, and we’ll continue to expand Gusto’s People Advisory initiatives to help them grow their opportunities as holistic business advisors. And with Gusto Embedded Payroll, we’re enabling other software platforms to bring payroll into their products, so their customers can do more within the platforms they love.

Building a World-Class Team

I’m thrilled to have Mike join the team as we navigate this next chapter of scaling Gusto to help our customers, and their teams. Work can and should be more than a paycheck. And Gusto is at the center of this evolving work relationship. We are on a mission to create a world where work empowers a better life, and if our mission resonates with you, please join Mike, myself, and thousands of other Gusties on this journey. We’re actively hiring!

With Gusto,


P.S. Mike shared some thoughts about joining Gusto as well.

Joshua Reeves Josh is the CEO and co-founder of Gusto, a startup that’s reimagining HR, payroll, and benefits for modern companies. Josh believes in the power of software to solve complex problems. Follow Josh on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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