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New Remote Work Features for Gusto’s People Platform: Announcing 50 State Business Registration + International Contractor Payments

Tomer London Co-Founder & CPO, Gusto 

Building and growing a great business starts with hiring the right people. But for decades, large corporations have had a distinct advantage—crossing state lines and going global to tap into new talent pools. Backed by all the money, people power, and resources they need, big businesses are able to navigate the complexities of multi-state and international labor laws and tax compliance issues. Meanwhile, startups and growing businesses that would benefit from extending their reach into the worldwide workforce have historically been left behind, boxed in by geographical limits in hiring. 

Geographic borders can no longer be barriers to hiring the best talent available. And businesses of all sizes deserve accessible, affordable technology that levels the playing field, bridges the talent gap, and helps them build representative, diverse teams. That’s why we’re shipping several new features, including international contractor payments in 80 countries and simplified business registration in all 50 states + Washington DC. And we’ve acquired Remote Team, Inc. (“RemoteTeam”)—which enables growing businesses to hire remote workers internationally. 

Eliminating Geographical Barriers to Hire Domestically and Internationally + Acquisition of RemoteTeam

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s becoming an increasingly important part of the employee experience at many growing companies worldwide. The global pandemic has only accelerated the appetite for and adoption of distributed workforces. With faster internet speed, more widely available workplace technology, and the rise of open source collaboration and online upskilling/reskilling courses, there’s more opportunity than ever for distributed workforces to grow and work effectively beyond borders. The advisory firm Gartner now estimates that 53% of the U.S. workforce will remain hybrid or fully remote. And, according to a recent Gusto survey of 2,000 business owners, half now manage a remote or hybrid team and manage the associated challenges.  

This is the era of the empowered employee. As businesses compete for talent, businesses are realizing they have to meet employees wherever they are to accelerate hiring and attract candidates. Yet, for all the geographic flexibility and freedom they offer for employees, those models have historically come with an onslaught of compliance headaches for founders and people leaders alike. Our focus at Gusto has been to bridge that gap, so that balancing employee and business needs doesn’t have to be a binary choice. 

To help us augment and accelerate that work, we’re excited to bring aboard RemoteTeam.  Worldwide remote work isn’t just an issue that RemoteTeam is tackling for the businesses it serves—it’s an experience they live every day. Led by Sahin Boydas, with a workforce spanning from Turkey all the way to Silicon Valley, including a hub in the heart of Austin, TX, RemoteTeam knows firsthand what it takes to juggle time zones and international contractor payments. RemoteTeam’s expertise in enabling worldwide workforces, coupled with the core functionality and added resources of Gusto’s People Platform, will accelerate our ability to support international talent strategy for the 200,000+ businesses we serve. We’re thrilled to see the innovation they’ll bring into Gusto’s product offering for years to come.

Gusto product screenshot of international contractor.

New Features to Support Remote Work

Cortex Health—which provides a platform for HIPAA-compliant follow-up calls and care to patients—went from being an employer of 10 in one state to an employer of over 500 workers in 40 states in a matter of months. And, an e-signature platform based in Arizona, now employs contractors across the globe, from Canada to South Africa. Businesses like these use Gusto’s people platform to break down geographical barriers to hiring talent domestically and internationally so they can continue their success and growth. And, we’re expanding our services with many new features, including: 

  • State tax registration in all 50 states. Getting registered in a new state is a multi-step process that typically takes days, if not weeks, to wrangle—which can create hurdles to paying employees as quickly and easily as possible. Now, companies can register across state lines quickly and efficiently. We handle the paperwork with state and local agencies so entrepreneurs can start paying their employees quickly and focus on growing their businesses.
  • Contractor Payments in 80+ countries: Entrepreneurs and growing businesses can now process payments for all of their contractors in one platform, on every continent except for Antarctica, in just a few clicks. Startups and businesses will be able to pay contractors in 80 countries worldwide, including India, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Canada. And we expect to support international contractor payments in 100 countries across the globe by the end of the year. 
  • Mobile Time Tracking and Geolocation: Providing peace-of-mind for founders means enabling trust. In a world where work is distributed, employers need to rest assured that work is getting done, especially when workers are no longer all under the same roof. And employees need the ease and convenience of logging their hours on-the-go wherever they are in the world. Through our Gusto Wallet mobile app, Gusto is now enabling time tracking and geolocation for employees who need to log their hours and employers who need to review and approve them. 
  • Remote Hiring & Onboarding: New integrations with recruiting and applicant tracking software to save time through combined workflows are now available. Businesses can also use Gusto to manage job postings and send out customized offer letters. And Gusto has simplified the processing of sharing documents and keeping track of forms in one system of record, as well as team-building features—like personalized notes—so new hires feel included, including remote employees.

Gusto’s People Platform

Gusto exists to unlock opportunities for entrepreneurs and their employees. We’re more than a tool businesses use, we’re an advocate and advisor they trust. Our people platform provides businesses with the guidance and expertise they need to hire, pay, insure, and support their teams—from modern payroll and benefits to expert HR advice.

By expanding the reach of our offerings and acquiring like-minded software services—first with Ardius (an AI-powered R&D tax credit solution) and Symmetry (the longtime leader in payroll infrastructure technology) and now RemoteTeam—Gusto is continuing to solve unmet needs for growing businesses. We’re excited to help businesses accelerate and scale their growth by unlocking opportunities to access capital, streamline back-office processes, and engage talent.

Tomer London
Tomer London Tomer is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision — reimagining how modern payroll, benefits, and compliance should operate.
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